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Unraveling 10 Best PS Vita Sports Games

PS Vita Sports Games

PS Vita is often known for featuring games with action, adventure, and RPG elements, but do you know there’s a whole different side to PS Vita’s collection of video games, the sports genre? If you are strange with PS Vita’s sports games, why don’t you navigate your way through each game on our list? It will help you get a grasp of how immersive the world of sports games is.

10. Real Boxing: It’s Authentic

Frankly speaking, there is no better boxing game on PS Vita than the Real Boxing. Real Boxing is a forward step into the ring and boxing universe. The video game comes with a full-fledged campaign mode, jaw-dropping details, and a realistic depiction of the sport.

For a true-to-life experience, you can customize your character with different outfits and smear a real boxing aura all over your character. The video game also offers a variety of different modes, where you will be facing formidable opponents one after another. In short, Real Boxing offers an immersive boxing adventure.

09. F1 2011 (Join the Road Rage in One of the Best PS Vita Sports Games)

PSP was rather slow in comparison to PS Vita, and when the F1 2011 launched on PS Vita, people had doubts about whether the video game was optimized enough to run on PS Vita or if the console would be doomed. However, not long after its release the video game surpassed its budget and earned an epic and immeasurable fortune.

The title clarifies, what season this video game is based on. The video game features all the drivers, teams, and circuits from FIFA 2011 season. If you feel an urge to play portable racing games, this video game offers the thrill of Formula One.

08. Football Manager 2014 (PS Vita Sports Games, Be The Best)

Managing a football team sounds easy, most think it’s just about directing a team to victory using default tactics of rushing forward, defending narrowly, and substituting players in and out. However, managing a football team requires experience more than anything. You get that experience virtually from Football Manager 2014. The video game explores what it means to become a football manager in-depth.

Whether you prefer managing, scouting, or a bit of everything, Football Manager 2014 allows players to focus on the manager’s area. You will also explore different personalities, some of whom are easy to deal with, and some require special attention. However, we believe only you can nail it at being a manager.

07. Hustle Kings (Cue Adventures in PS Vita)

Let’s go indoors and explore some captivating and addictive cue sports adventures. Hustle Kings is a minimalist pool game that’s designed to offer players mesmerizing gameplay of pool. The video game optimized players’ experience with realistic graphics and OLED technology.

The video game’s multiplayer mechanic adds up to more than half of the excitement. Players can dive into madness with cooperative mode using the internet and clash against each other in different modes. While playing and winning, you earn cash, which you can use to buy sticks and cues. Overall, Hustle Kings remains a good game.

06. Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition (Wishing to Try Fast-Paced Tennis?)

Playing Tennis for the first time isn’t very fascinating. However, as you play a few more rounds, you will find yourself immersed in the game before you can even begin to realize it. Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition offers the console experience on a handheld device. The video game depicts the sport at an abnormally fast pace, which you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

The video game features a roster of world champions and tennis superstars, and you can begin your career as one of your favorite sportsmen. There are also online tournaments to enhance your skills and improve your gameplay. Overall, Virtua Tennis 4 is the best adventure into the world of Tennis.

05. Everybody’s Golf 6 (Open-World Golf Journey Among the Finest PS Vita Sports Games)

Everybody’s Golf 6 also known as Hot Shot Golf: World Invitational is a beautiful golf simulation that impersonates the realistic golf adventure. The video game is sixth in the Everybody’s Golf series, and it canonically brings most of the content that wasn’t in the previous installment.

The new content includes fresh golf courses, new modes, global chatting, and a unique free view of the pitch. With everything better than expectations, the video game received acclaim from critics and the series’ faithful players. The total average score for the ratings and reviews was 95 out of 100.

04. Handball 16 (Reverse the Football)

Handball isn’t a football term, it’s a completely different sport that is similar to football in terms of objective, but players use bare hands instead of feet. The video game Handball 16 is a sports simulation that lets players explore the intensity and impressiveness of the handball sport.

In handball 16, you can participate in matches and skill games to showcase your skills, defend your goal, commence the offense, and control the tempo. The sport isn’t widely known, but anyone who plays this game on a whim ends up becoming a fan.

03. OlliOlli 2: Welcome to OlliWood (Sports Skating Chronicles in PS Vita Games)

OlliOlli 2 is a sequel to the classic 2D banger OlliOlli. If you are unfamiliar with the indie smash, OlliOlli 2 Welcome to OlliWood is a skateboarding video game that comes with retro graphics and stressful gameplay that pent up your anxiety. The video game comes with fresh and creative maps, up to 250 new challenges, and an expanded bag of tricks with and without a skateboard.

The two-dimensional graphics capture every living moment of your adventure, which factually a three-dimensional video game can’t do. And with fast-paced action, each run for the victory excites the players even more.

02. FIFA 15 (Is It The Best Ever Football Game?)

Unfortunately, the FIFA connection with EA has ended, thus you don’t see FIFA 24. However, EA’s shifted their focus to an entirely new series called EA FC. But nothing beats the peak of Football, FIFA 15. It was a brilliantly executed sports video game with mesmerizing gameplay and realistic football mechanics. The video game stuns returning players with great visual details, allowing its loyal players to experience the emotions of video games like never before. If you are a newcomer, FIFA 15 inevitably might be the greatest pick.

01. MLB 13: The Show (Ride Through Heavens in The Greatest Baseball Sports Games on PS Vita)

Major League Baseball is the greatest Baseball video game franchise, and arguably MLB 13 is the best video game of the series pre-2020s. MLB 13 allows the players to experience the sport of baseball like never before. The video game included new content, polished the faults of predecessors, and panned its attention more toward the sport rather than fancying the players and events.

The video game revamped the career, road to the show, and beginner’s modes for the beginners to retain the users back again. Nevertheless, the video game’s graphics and visual details are also upped to a tremendous level.


We journeyed through the chronicles of PS Vita sports games that are immersive, great in visual details, and sound quality, and depict sports most realistically. We hope you found what you came for if you did make sure to apprise us of your favorite title.

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