Top Ten Addictive Online Games To Explore

Addictive Online Games

Nowadays, people spend half of their time in front of electronic devices such as televisions or computers and mostly, most people play online games using the internet or other computer networks available. Many games have different characteristics, and modern technologies are needed to play these games. If you’re curious about which are the top ten most played online games in the world, then keep reading to check out the list of the ten most addictive online games that you’ll want to play as soon as possible!

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is the first of our list of the ten addictive online games. If you’re looking for a character-driven, arcade-style third-person shooter, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is an excellent game for you. Featuring vibrant and luscious art in bringing these plants and zombies to life who will either be fighting for the Garden side or playing on the zombie faction. Though it features many more characters from across the franchise, players can also create their multiplayer character by picking out a different hairstyle/hair colour upon every new respawn.

Rummy, One of the Addictive Online Games

Rummy has been imbibed in the tradition and culture of India and has been played in every event or social gathering. While rummy is known for its several variations and the creativity it allows the players to play their hands, there is more to this game.

Tetris 99

The concept of the Tetris 99 game is genius; it’s Tetris Battle Royale. Every two lines you clear will be automatically sent to one of your 99 opponents. You can choose who you send them to, either at random, to those closest to death or near victory, or attack people near you. It’s a completely original take on what Tetris was originally, and it’s free if you buy a Nintendo Online pass.

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an awesome game. Its multiplayer offering, Red Dead Online, hasn’t quite drawn the same number of players as its Grand Theft Auto 5 equivalent, but it’s still a hootin’, hollerin’ good time, with plenty of hysterical moments. You can do everything you can in the expansive single-player campaign, like hunting virtual animals and robbing passing stagecoaches and getting a shave in the back of a saloon – multiplayer brings a special kind of socializing to the table with unique mini-games including pop-up events (like performing on stage for your mates), races and team-based competitive showdowns? So, grab a horse and ride out with some friends so you can experience this western world all over again.


There are too many horror games out there, but very few of them can truly capture a sense of fright while playing with others online. Phasmophobia approaches the genre with simplicity: a group of up to four gamers spend time investigating paranormal activities in houses, schools, and even prisons—all digitally rendered locales. And it’s incredibly intense. Even ghosts that you see can be as scary as those who hide in plain sight, and even players who get ambushed by these extras may never know what hit them until they’ve left their cohort temporarily paralyzed!

Minecraft, One of the Addictive Online Games

Minecraft is a popular game where you explore, mine and build structures of blocks using the help of sand, water, Redstone, stone or wood. It revolves around adorable animals, but they can do whatever they want. The game is 3D because it includes building structures in different angles. Therefore, the player needs to find all the resources to build their structures accurately and quickly so they can move on and explore more.


Hearthstone is a digital card game between two players using pre-arranged decks of 30 cards and additional power; as the rule of all games in this genre, the player has to attack the opponent. The key difference between other card games is that they are cross-platform and can be played on supported devices.

GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online first came out, and everyone was racing to see who could make the most money! So much fun, right? And later on, when people started becoming filthy rich, there wasn’t much else to do. It allows you to live out your fantasies, allowing yourself to become the type of person who does things that many of us would consider illegal or immoral in real life. So, whether you’re a mild-mannered teacher by week and casino robber by the weekend, or a fast-food worker by day and seasoned hitman by night, you can do whatever you want with no qualms while playing the game, within reason.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Smash Bros Ultimate plays like the greatest hits of a legendary series. It takes old levels and characters and makes them feel fresh again with snappy animations and visuals that look better than ever. Online, you can create a private room with your friends, settle decades-old debates about who’s the better Smash player or test your skills against strangers and build up your Global Smash Power while taking on all comers. It’s the most polished version of Smash you can play, and with more than 70 characters to choose from, there’s a hero for every playstyle.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Last of the Addictive Online Games

For several players, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a great way to pass the time during the pandemic. However, the game is wholesome and involves much more than an ordinary online game. The game consists of catching butterflies, decorating your home, trading turnips, and making money. The game allows the players to play it individually or with their friends. You can even travel to distant islands to meet your friends, get acquainted with new visitors and relax in your hometown.

Conclusion on Addictive Online Games

These are some of the best addictive online games that one never gets enough of. So, try them and have a gala time after a long and tiring day.

Payday 2 Crimewave Edition Supported For 2 Years

Payday 2

Payday 2

Starbreeze global brand directer Almir Listo was featured in an interview in the previous issue of Official PlayStation magazine. He talked about the competition that GTA Online and Battlefield Hardline brings to the table in terms of heists since the core of Payday 2 revolves around heists and he confirmed that Overkill has recently signed a 2-year contract with publisher 505 Games which guarantees much more additional content for Payday 2 Crimewave Edition.

“One of the good things as well is that we’ve now signed 24 months of extra development with our publishing partner 505 Games. That means when you commit to Payday 2 Crimewave Edition, you know that the game is going to be developed for an additional 24 months. You know that there are still 16 updates that we’ve released since we finalised the submission – so you know that there’s at least 16 updates coming relatively soon – and then you know there’s two years of additional content coming afterwards.”

He also commented on why they aren’t already developing the next Payday game and that he likes to focus on one game at a time and give it their best efforts.

“The reason being that we know there’s so much more left to explore. What developers usually do – and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but we don’t want to do this – is that, as soon as they’re done with the first game, they instantly start work on the second game. And as soon as they’re done with that one, they’re instantly starting work on the third one. We don’t want to do that. We know there is so much more to experience within Payday 2. And what you’ll also get when you start working on a completely new game is that you have to completely re-do all the systems and so on, but at the end of the day you end up with a similar experience. But with Payday 2, working on the game instead of just building a new one, we can actually just keep on adding to the experience that’s already there, and continue to revamp the systems that already exist.”

Payday 2 originally released on 13 August 2013 for the PS3 while Payday 2 Crimewave  Edition that comes with all the DLCs and extra content released on 12 June this year and Overkill decided to support it for an extra two years. I hope we start seeing some updates soon on the PS4. Tell us what you think in the comment section below of Overkill’s move, should they continue doing what they are doing or start developing the next installment.

A Day in the Life of GTA Online


It is a struggle… I mean have you ever really thought about how difficult your character’s life is in GTA Online? I mean sure, you get this grand luxury apartment near the Vinewood Hills, a plethora of high end super cars and the sharpest suits money can buy, but did you ever stop to think about the little tasks and trials you had to go through to get there?

You wake up already standing up, fully clothed in the middle of your apartment, probably just woken from passing out from the previous night’s questionable behavior and illegal consumables. You wake up every morning not knowing what the hell just happened, that’s either an amazing feeling or a psychologically draining groundhog effect.

Real Estate

So you’re waiting for your buddies to get online and do the same so you can get amped and ready for some new heists, what do you do? I think I’ll go buy some new threads… Okay, so you head down to your garage, get in your Elegancy RH8 because you were too cheap to buy anything other than the free one so you souped it up to make you feel better about yourself. You get down to Ponsonboys, knocking down five lampposts and three pedestrians on the way because you’re still a little too drunk.

You park up diagonally on the curb and some dude backs off dropping his sandwich then immediately forgets that you almost ran him over and continues going about his day. You can’t apologize and have a conversation with the guy, he just blocks you out, the only way to get attention from people is by doing something bad and that’s what encourages you to carry out this criminal lifestyle that you’ve grown accustom to. Your character needs therapy but he can’t talk to people so then you realize just how bad this guy/girl has it.

Anyway you walk into the store where the pretentious lady behind the counter tells you that you look like a bum, but you can’t do anything about it. She can take the stress of her crappy 9-5 day job out on you but you can’t say two words back to her because you’re a mute. After grinding your teeth and flicking through some railings you find something you like, but then you have to put it on in a reverse fashion where you put your suit vest on before you can add a tie and so forth. All you wanted to do was wear a full black suit because you just saw the movie John Wick and you thought it’d be cool to look like that. You start getting mad for you character: this is ridiculous, I can’t wear a watch with my new suit? I gotta wear some stupid t-shirt with ‘Original Gangster’ plastered across the front? No screw this, I’m out. You storm out in your awesome suit, it’s still not good enough, you’re cursing under your breath when you reach your car and all of a sudden you hear and few bleeps and BOOM, car explodes. You go flying across the street, face slamming into the sidewalk and some guy in a Pegassi Zentoro in a monkey smoking a cigar mask drives away with little to no explanation or reasoning for their actions.

Blow up

You’re having the worst day already and you haven’t even had breakfast yet, despite the fact your diet is restricted to (probably steroid induced) EgoChasers and P’s & Q’s. Anyway, you re-spawn a few blocks away, no idea how you got there when you see the monkey guy speed past and head onto the highway. You think: Oh yeah? You’re just gonna do that and drive away? No. Revenge gets the better of you, you’re completely blind to the fact that your buddies have now joined the lobby and are ready to have some fun, but no, screw that, revenge sounds bitter sweet right about now and your moral compass has been tossed out the window because of the people around you. You debate calling Mors Mutual Insurance and your Mechanic but that’ll take too long. ‘Johnny on the spot’ never parks it up in front of you, it’s always a block away, maybe that’s his little way of hinting that you don’t pay him enough but in your defense that’s your reasoning for his salary, whatever, you hate the guy. It would take too long and the guy who ruined your day will be up in Sandy Shores before you know it, so you break the law, steal a car, why not? You drag a soccer mom out of her Dilettante and you tail the guy.

Cate Blocked

You’re pelting it down the highway, the guy comes up on your mini-map, he’s just stopped at a mod-shop, the anticipation is killing you. You wait and wait, the second he comes out you fantasize ways of getting your own back on him. You start flicking through your weapon wheel, getting excited, which one shall I use today? You see his car spawn, this is it, you can’t wait, you fire an RPG right at the guy and it explodes… but nothing happens.

It is then that you realize he’s still in that flashy ‘can’t touch this’ spawn mode and he’s already driven away before you can load your next rocket. Now by this point you can either go after him and get him, leading to a three star wanted level and several police cars and helicopters on you. It gets ugly, your friends start getting involved, strangers dive in, everybody shoots one another and the whole thing is a mess. OR… on the other hand you do something most of us do and won’t admit. You take it out on Los Santos. I’ve usually got my guy pacing around, kicking in my own car windows, smacking the hood with a baseball bat till smoke starts seeping out from under it. There’s a construction worker sitting on the wall eating his lunch, you push him off, that’s the way it goes. Your friends come along, try to get things going, “Come on man, let’s go do some heists.”

Civs Fight

You head back to your apartment, somehow its already dark out and you open a lobby for The Prison Break. You’re not particularly excited, your buddies are all amped up, all they’ve done is hop online and jumped into the lobby, no stress, they don’t know what you’ve been through, your character’s a little jealous to be perfectly honest. You end up waiting for the last guy for over ten minutes, Rhianna’s Only Girl In The World is driving you mad in the background, you can’t take it.

Rob store

When the guy finally joins you go ahead and go through the set up missions. Things start getting back to the way they should be, you’re doing good, having a great time, things are on the up and up. Anyway you get to the Heist Finale, you’ve had to restart a few times because the guys posing as a prison guard and prisoner can’t handle the heat, but you’re patient. So you do it, you guys get out of there, you think: This is it, we’re gonna make it!

You get to that last parachute dive out the plane, land on the beach with another buddy and everyone questions where the third guy is? Your buddy in the chopper points him out, he’s doing circles, showing off on his way down, when all of a sudden the wind picks up a little, guy goes slamming into a rock and dies, mission failed.


You’re speechless, you don’t know how to act. You’ve now become a mute just like you’re GTA Online character, you toss your controller pathetically a few inches away. One of the guys leaves in a burst of rage, nobody can get a hold of him, God knows what he’s doing so you do the only thing you can do, you quit. You turn off the console, but you know what the funny thing is? The next evening approaches and you repeat the entire thing all over again. That right there is a day in the life of GTA Online.

GTA 5 Heists – First Impressions


It’s taken just over a year but Rockstar have finally delivered what is considered by many as one of the major selling points of their five star title GTA V and that is its multiplayer Heists feature. March 10th was the date set where everybody would be greeted into the world of criminal professionalism and an installation update of up to 4GB was the first hurdle of gaining access to this new feature. Although a grueling wait filled with eager anticipation to get hands on with the testosterone fueled heist action, you could only assume that an update to that extent of memory was worth the wait, and the verdict to that is yes, it is definitely worthwhile.

As with every new GTAV multiplayer update package, we are presented with some nice new toys to play with. These include a few new vehicles, a flare gun and a whole plethora of wardrobe items, and gloves! They have answered our calling! Finally I can commit criminal activates with the feeling that I am leaving no trace of my fingerprints behind, or simply look like a hitman badass with glorious black leather gloves, not to be mistaken for some form of sadomasochism enthusiast of course…

As expected the Rockstar servers are still a bit iffy but as when the initial GTA 5 multiplayer was released, I’m sure this will be cleared up within the coming days. Once in a lobby you first receive a call from your old pal Lester who remains his wonderfully disturbed self from the campaign. It is a nice return to that tone and style of GTA’s world, it feels as though you are meeting up with an old colleague as you visit his warehouse on the east side. He then gives you the grand opportunity to get on board with one of his high end jobs and play a role in his core crew’s schemes which is indeed heists. Now in order to lead/host a heist you must be at least level 12 and own a high-end apartment property. You’ll find that Lester has sent some guys over to your apartment and refurbished one of your rooms for heist prep and planning. Here you can host heists and manage a crew with three other players.

Lester guides you on the initial two-man tutorial mission where you and a friend are required to drive to a Fleeca bank as Lester hacks into their security to scope out their system and layout. This is known as a setup mission. Similar to the campaign, heists will require some preparation, be it a required vehicle or simply some reconnaissance. All these setup missions are required to ensure that you can proceed with the actual heist or finale as it is referred to. Players are assigned specific roles in heists, for example, during this heist the driver is required to get to the bank while the ‘driller’ delves through a series of hacking mini-games in order to open the vault. Once they have arrived, the driver must deal with crowd control as the driller goes into the vault and drills open a safety deposit target box. It is a good way of giving players assigned roles in which they know they can be depended on to complete without confusion, everyone has a job to do.

Once I had completed this I was rewarded $169,000 to which I discovered the potential of how much money players can earn on heists. Receiving a second call from Lester about an upcoming job, I dived straight back into it with a few buddies as we began The Prison Break mission. Here you are tasked with four setup missions: collect a bus, plane, car and take out some lawyers. Once these are completed you can proceed to rescue a man named Rashkovsky from the state penitentiary and it is a pretty thrilling experience. I was assigned the role of the pilot to which I was required to collect the crew and objective for extraction. Two players pose as a prison guard and prisoner in order to infiltrate the prison and reach Rashkovsky while another player works as a demolition expert and clears the runway of any incoming harrier jets and law enforcement individuals. If you have a microphone I would recommend using it as communication is a big help when playing, it even advises so in the tips provided on the game’s artistic loading screens.

It is an exciting experience watching an armoured car filled with your crew members head towards you on a runway as they pile in and you take off with your tail fin just scrapping the top of the police car’s siren. Your demolition expert then guards the plane in a chopper on the way out of there to which you all parachute out and regroup on a beach to your success. As one of the first missions this was in all, a very enjoyable experience and was a grand return to a game I hadn’t touched in some months.

I am personally very excited and looking forward to playing more of these heist missions with friends and seeing what else is in store for the future of GTA Online. If you haven’t already, install this thrill ride and call up some buddies and round up a posse, no wait that’s Red Dead Redemption… Gather a crew, yeah.. do that, you won’t regret it.

GTA Online: Valentine’s Day Update Brings a Massive Massacre


Rockstar are preparing for celebrating Valentine’s Day in GTA Online and I am sure that you are not expecting flowers and boxes of candies. Instead, we will get the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special from the creators of the popular game, a GTA Online update you will get to love.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre update will deliver some fresh content – available for just a limited time. Launching on Friday, February 14th, the update will bring us the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun, an armored 1920s limousine – Albany Roosevelt, new attire and 10 new jobs – all of them around the Valentine’s Day theme.

Everything in the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special will be available for a limited time, but once acquired you will be able to keep them in your inventory for good. So you’d better kiss your date goodbye and tell her (or him) that you’ve got some GTA to play over the weekend!