EAGate investigations continue as Electronic Arts confirm FUT corruption

Electronic Arts has today confirmed it is officially investigating the recent Ultimate Team allegations. Furthermore, its investigation has confirmed that the FUT marketplace has become the victim of corruption. In a movement labelled EAGate, FIFA fans are outraged by the allegations held against EA.

In its statement EA has said the following: “The alleged behavior is unacceptable and in no way do we condone granting or purchasing player items in exchange for money. This practice runs counter to the game’s competitive integrity. ” The sports game publisher has already begun to hand out bans to any offenders. Also, any involved employees will be fired once identified.

FIFA corruption

EAGate FIFA 21 pack screen

For those not familiar, EAGate involves Electronic Arts’ most popular sports game, FIFA. In FIFA players can buy packs with real money to potentially obtain rare player cards. However, some gamers have found a way around these unfavourable odds. Although the alternative is hardly ethical.

It turns out some EA Sports employees had been selling rare cards to a select group of players. For a cost some players have been purchasing these rare cards instead of relying on pack luck to obtain them.

The rumored price for these rare cards is in the region of $2500. Although some of the biggest transactions have exceeded $3000. For that price you can get two Team of the Year cards and three Icon prime Moments cards. Earning those same cards through packs would likely cost several times that.

By offering these cards on the market EA has effectively devalued its own pack system. Any players who have sunk thousands into packs were not being offered a fair service. For the same money they could have just guaranteed themselves better players. And given that FIFA’s packs have already come under fire in the past, this certainly doesn’t help. EAGate looks like it will be around for quite a while.

The Sims 4: Introducing the Toddler Life State

The Sims 4: Introducing the Toddler Life State

The Sims 4

Sims 4 by EA has been released for a little over two years now. While it is quite a magnificent game all on its own, it was missing bits and pieces from its predecessors. One of those particular pieces was rather large: a whole life cycle. When your Sims had a baby, that baby would grow (as all things do), but it would pop right from the bassinet into elementary school. Generally, those kinds of things don’t happen, as there are a lot of terrible years in between of small children doing stupid things that will unknowingly get them killed. Sims 4 didn’t allow you those “wonderful” years, but now, they have finally returned!

They Grow Up So Fast

Help them grow up to be brilliant.

While it may seem arbitrary to people who haven’t played the Sims franchise, having that toddler stage introduces a little extra time on your Sim’s lifespan to introduce some game changing elements. Enrich their minds in those Toddler years so they grow up to be brilliant, Simolean-making scientists, or make sure their emotional levels are in check and you’ll have a regular Don Juan on your hands when he becomes of age.



A great point to this update was that stayed a total secret until its release in the newest game patch. Most of the time, large secrets like these get leaked weeks or months beforehand, like what happened with The Sim’s Vampire Game Pack that was announced recently. It was leaked over a month ago, so there was no surprise when that announcement came to be, but no one saw the toddlers coming! The developers have been working on this update for over two years now, and though there was a tiny hint dropped a year ago, these small people crawled their way into our hearts without us even noticing.

The significance of this update is also pretty astounding because it was completely free to those that had already owned the game. Instead of having to receive this update in one of the many expansion packs for the game, the developers stuck this update right into the direct patch of the game, without any additional fanfare. The update was almost 2GB worth of data and included the toddler life cycle, and a range of toddler hats, hair, glasses, outfits, onesies, body accessories and shoes. There were also eight unique toddler traits and at least 19 new toddler objects like high chairs, child potties, toys and more. This was a huge amount of content for a free update.

Let’s Set The World On Fire

Someone can’t cook.

If you’ve never tried The Sims before, perhaps this is finally the time to do it. While it may not fit your genre, or the ability to control a virtual human’s life creeps you out, The Sims 4 has so much interesting gameplay and dynamics to try out that you’ll find yourself deep within the game in just a matter of moments. Hours later, you’ve got a nice sized family, that bungalow you’ve always wanted in the hills, and a soft annoyance for Sims language. Soon, you’ll be buying the add-on packs, and your family will wonder where you’ve disappeared to. Just let them know that you’ve created a family all your own. Hopefully they won’t all die in a terrible kitchen fire because one of them is a bad cook.

FIFA 15 1.05 Update Goes Live, Details Here


FIFA 15 has received a brand new update on March 9, taking the game to version 1.05 and bringing a bunch of changes into play for a total file size of 328.3MB. Even though we are not talking about drastic changes in gameplay, the new update does show that EA is trying its best to deliver a flawless experience to FIFA 15 players.

Below you have the complete changelist brought in by the FIFA 15 1.05 update:

– Added the MLS expansion teams Orlando City and New York City FC to the “Rest of the World” league for Kick-Off and Online Matches
– Stability improvements to the EASFC Match Day Challenges, Pro Clubs, and Online Seasons
– Fixed stability issue around requesting substitution in Player Career
– Addressed issue where some players were not able to unlock certain boot packs for their Virtual Pro
– Names of scouted players in Career Mode are now more reflective of their country of origin
– Stability improvements to Friendly Seasons in FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons
– Improved “Compare Price” functionality in FIFA Ultimate Team when comparing prices for consumables

And this would be all that the PS4 update 1.05 brings into play to FIFA 15 – as I said already, we’re not talking about major changes or improvements, but every bit helps to create the ultimate football sim game for fans all over the world.

Did the latest update bring any new problems together with fixing new ones? Let us know by commenting below!

Download SimCity 2000 Special Edition for Free on Origin


Good guy EA, right? Well, even though many won’t agree with my statement, we must give them credit for offering us some great freebies over on their Origin store, the latest being SimCity 2000 Special Edition, which is now available free of charge for a limited time, part of the On the House promotion that Origin runs every now and then.

Normally, SimCity 2000 Special Edition sells for six dollars on EA’s online store, so you get the chance to experience a gaming classic for free and save 6 bucks for a nice Christmas present. Or a lollipop. Just make sure to take advantage of this offer and download SimCity 2000 for free as soon as possible, as you never know when EA change their mind and remove the “free” tag on the game.

Even though SimCity 2000 Special Edition was considered by most one of the best games of it’s time, the fact that it was originally released in 1995 makes it a pretty old game and even though there might be people who would’ve loved to get one of the more recent versions, it’s still available for free and it’s classic gaming that we’re talking about, so we shouldn’t complain too much.

So just head over to the Origin website and download SimCity 2000 for free while the offer still stands.

How to Enter the Titanfall Beta Now!


Great news, gamers! One of the most anticipated games of the year, Titanfall, has opened up registrations for its beta phase and you could be one of those players who get a chance to test the game prior to its launch date. If you want to know how to enter the Titanfall beta, you are at the right place because that’s exactly what we’re going to share with you!

All you have to do is head over to the Titanfall Beta sign-up page (click here to visit), select your preferred platform (for PC users, Origin is required) and hope for the best. Only a limited number of players will be picked by EA and judging from the game’s popularity, there will be quite a few people applying. But give it a go and find out by February 17th if you have been selected for the beta.

Also, in order to register for the Titanfall Beta you must subscribe to the Titanfall newsletter. Guess that there’s no problem with that either since you are already hyped about the game.