Bound by Flame: Randval Quest Problems (Solved)


Bound by Flame has been criticized by many as being a buggy and glithcy game, and one of the problems that many of the gamers playing this title comes with the Randval the Loner quest. This is a side quest, actually, that requires you to have Randval recon the area, but no new dialog options appear to make it happen for some players and it’s apparently impossible to complete this quest.

However, the the Randval quest in Bound by Flame is not bugged – you just have to wait a little bit and progress through the main story – let him go and when he appears once again, he will have the new dialog option. If he still doesn’t have that option, just play a bit more – head to the main camp and return – and he will have this new option.

HOWEVER, the main quest will become bugged if you don’t do the Randval the Loner quest before visiting the Elf City. It’s pretty twisted, I know, and waiting for the guy to come back when things should happen faster makes little sense, but that’s how it has to happen in the game and now you know.

Hopefully this will help you with the Randval the Loner quest problems and keep you going in the game!