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Stellar Blade Review: A Title Contender for the Game of the Year

Stellar Blade review

Stellar Blade is rapidly escalating to receive acclaim and positive reviews from video game geeks and critics, however, some people are boldly stating that the video game still lacks the requisite review to be regarded as the title contender for The Game Award for Game of the Year. While our reviews might not be decisive or thought-provoking, we assure you that you will have a firm answer on whether to indulge in Stellar Blade or neglect it. Let’s dive into the Stellar Blade review.

Overview of The Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade is a sandbox action-adventure video game that can culminate generic elements of action-adventure, and RPG to their utmost ultimate form. The video game has massive open-world maps for players to explore, each map offers challenges, encompasses secrets, and has creatures that players wouldn’t want to encounter. However, despite all the expansive sites, players find Xion City beautiful, due to its direct link with the narrative.

The video game’s plot is gripping, it provides collaborative storytelling with fascinating twists and turns. Stellar Blade is set in the distant future, where we witness a post-apocalyptic Earth. Our beloved planet is under the dominance of the Naytiba Invasion, a celestial existence that invaded and seized control of Earth. These creatures have forced humanity to seek refuge somewhere in interstellar space.

After the events of humans fleeing to space, a Hero or an “Angel” named Eve emerges, who promises the human remnants to reclaim their home. As a player, your mission will be to exterminate Naytiba, however, the task won’t be as easy as you might think. It’s a fight for the high stakes, human survival is in your hands.

The video game is nothing short of a masterpiece for gamers who find exploration and hunting easter eggs intriguing. The maps are abnormally humongous with numerous terrains that are breathtaking to explore.

Characters: Stellar Blade Review

Characters are relatively a facet of a video game that is the game decider. Several amusing titles in the game industry got axed due to them trying to play down the characters. However, Stellar Blade is of a high-quality caliber, and the protagonist that the story follows features no unnecessary emotions that could upheaval her missions. Eve is an enigmatic character, her background shrouded in mystery. But as the narrative develops, people gradually understand her personality and her past which unfolds at a slow pace.

Alongside Eve, Tachy occupies most of the screen time. He is a member of the 7th Airborne Squad and a loyal fighter who works as a shoulder to help Eve. Tachy’s past is tragic, he was a victim of the Naytiba invasion, which cost him his family and the people he was close to.

While the video game boasts countless characters, all ooze enigmatic energy, these characters play a major part in the story’s development and create traction to allure intensive gamers. However, one thing needs to be disclosed, the characters lack the personality and depth that hopefully needs a little refurbishment in the next DLC release or a general update.

Graphics & Animation

Graphical fidelity plays a pivotal role in defining modern games, especially when rating the Stellar Blade review. Players are long past experiencing video games with 2D graphics. They have become latent and infrequent because of the AAA titles dropping twice a month. When it comes to Stellar Blade, the video game is visually stunning with great details to characters cityscapes, and landscapes.

Be it a device that supports FHD or a device that supports 4k, this video game strikes a balance for users with different needs and provides them with a heavenly experience.

The combat aspect of the video game is better than what you might expect. The protagonist, Eve, can perform stealthy movements, with surprising acrobatic attacks and has an arsenal of countless finishers. Eve can use her dynamic abilities to perform counter-attacks and finishing moves.

Eve is not just a pretty face, she is a character that connects with players mentally. Inspired by 2B from NieR: Automata, Eve shares similarities such as personality, and characteristics.

Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, and Stellar Blade is certainly not. Let’s dive into what the video game has to offer and what players might not be pleased to hear. And without pros and cons, the Stellar Blade review is not a review.


  • Impressive Graphics: Most of Stellar Blade’s concurrent players tuned in for its incredible visuals. The video game offers exquisite environments in a unique and realistic art style.
  • Sublime Combat Animations: It wouldn’t be strange for a video game that emphasizes combat to have fluid combat mechanics. The video game encompasses beautiful and satisfying combat mechanics that don’t fail to deliver jaw-dropping action sequences.
  • Furnishing of Distinctive Playstyles: The video game allows players to customize their arsenal. Players can change their loadout to different weapons, armor, and abilities. The game allows players to be flexible when choosing their play styles. Hence, why the review of Stellar Blade is positive from most sides.


  • Occasionally Unforgiving Auto-Saves: Some players are facing the auto-save glitch, which is costing them their progress. Occasionally, the video game fails to register the auto-save progress, which leads to frustrating moments.
  • A Limited Exploration Experience: Despite being a sandbox in a literal sense, the video game doesn’t allow players to engage in activities that are distant from the plot. The video game isn’t all open-world as it says it is. Which is why people are craving for games with open-world elements.

Verdict of Stellar Blade Review

Stellar Blade is a fantastic video game for gamers. Be it an action-adventure consumer or a sandbox game enthusiast, Stellar Blade without a doubt delivers otherworldly quality content. The video game is stacked with stunning visuals, mesmerizing gameplay, engrossing characters, and authentic soundtracks. Our review backs the Stellar Blade video game because it is certainly is a phenomenal title. Furthermore, it is a title contender for the best game of the year. What are your thoughts on the game? Do you think it landed to people’s expectations or is it another generic video game? Don’t hesitate to share your views on the Stellar Blade in the comments.

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