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The Most Violent Video Games of All Time

most violent video games

“Nothing good ever comes of violence” If taken seriously these words could change your views, however, in games this sentence is irrelevant, as the action can be acquired through violence, especially in most violent video games. Since the early 1970’s the concept of violence emerged, causing people to crave for more. Thus, how the evolution of violence-based video games came to birth. In this blog, we are exploring some of the all-time best most violent video games. These titles can vary from being delightful to extremely haunting, it’s up to you, what you find engrossing. Let’s dive into the most violent video games.

10. Doom 2016

Doom 2016 is a video game that hits diverse themes, it serves as a reboot of the cult classic title the Doom. The video game invites players to join Doom Slayer on an epic journey into the realms of first-person shooter and psychological horror. Players experience battling demonic creatures on Hell and Mars in the game.

Doom is undeniably a fast-paced action-packed video game with intense levels of violence. Enemies can be killed through several unpleasant ways, from decapitating to blowing them apart. Moreover, the animations sprinkle some of the magic over the gameplay, as these animations are similarly gruesome.

09. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a sandbox open-world video game series where players are immersed in a world brimming with crime. Choose any title from the video game franchise, its premise is centered on committing illegal activities such as homicides, infiltrating private properties, and dealing life-threatening damage.

GTA games follow outlaws as protagonists, each with messy personalities and a high crime record. The characters are either fighting for vengeance or freedom. And while carrying out the usual missions that center on illegal activities, they commit unthinkable—killing pedestrians and criminals in grisly ways.

08. God of War (Nerve-Wrecking Yet One of the Most Violent Video Games)

God of War is an action-adventure video game based on mythological and supernatural elements. It features a ruthless God of War named Kratos, son of Zeus, who seeks vengeance against the Olympian gods.

God of War certainly has unsettling gruesome sequences but they aren’t as brutal and explicit as the games that have received acclaim, especially for their horror and suspenseful themes. Despite all of this, God of War is a versatile game that caters to people who adore different genres.

07. Chiller

3-Dimensional gameplay is not necessary to present the elements of horror or graphic scenarios, as long as the video game offers intensive gameplay, even the 2D gameplay is sufficient. In Chiller, players assume the role of an unseen torturer, who takes on the objective of torturing and then murdering the restrained NPCs.

The video game’s premise is to creatively complete the objective. Whether you use your axe or a head crusher, your objective remains constant. The video game is a bridge between traditional shooter and light gun arcade games.

Chiller has received mixed reviews for its presentation, a vast number of people are distraught because of its gruesome content, leading to countless dislikes.

06. Silent Hill (A Survival Horror in Most Violent Video Games)

Silent Hill is a classic survival horror video game that explicitly demonstrates the horrific scenes at their intensity. The video game’s plot follows Harry Mason, as he searches for his missing daughter. His perilous adventure quickly turns into a tragic experience, as he finds himself entwined in a town’s mysteries.

Silent Hill is a 3D video game that consists of open-world, puzzle-solving, and combat elements. The video game’s visuals play a part in creating a disturbing and unsettling atmosphere. Moreover, the depiction of reality is accurate to some extent.

05. Dead Space

Dead Space is a horror-suspense action video game that features meticulously detailed characters and frantic themes. The video game is set in a distant future, the year 2508 abroad the USG Ishimura, a gigantic spaceship. The spaceship has the ability to mine interstellar bodies for valuable resources. In the video game, we step into the shoes of a skilled starship engineer named Isaac Clarke. While searching for resourceful planets, he discovers an enigmatic artifact called the Marker.

The discovery of this alien artifact leads him entangled in intense and horrific experiences. Initially, Isaac’s mission is to repair Ishimura, but it completely changes to unraveling the secrets of the Marker.

04. Postal (The Best Oldest Most Violent Video Games to Depict Violence)

Postal is renowned for its fast-paced gameplay and off-color humor. It’s a top-down shooter that features fascinating gameplay alongside portraying the classic theme of violence. In the video game, we embark on a mission to eliminate the hostile existences. The plot of the video game is mediocre, but the video adapts it dynamically.

The video game’s open-world design and expansive maps allow players to freely complete tasks, it’s up to players to do it in any way, be it violently or peacefully. The sequels of the video game are even more enthralling, they enhance players’ experience.

03. Manhunt

Manhunt is a frightening video game by the popular video game developers Rockstar Games. It is a stealth-based survival horror video game, where we play as James Earl Cash, a prisoner, who participates in a series of murders to fetch his freedom. Throughout his journey, he brutally murders criminal gangs, chopping them into mince pieces and splitting them into two halves.

Manhunt has received positive reviews for containing a dark tone, which people upvote despite the disturbing and graphic sequences.

02. MadWorld (One of the Most Violent Video Games)

Inevitably, the hack-and-slash video game genre contains all the violence, as its premise is all about crazily slashing the opposition. Despite having a black-and-white visual style, the video game presents splashes of blood-red. Players step into the shoes of Jack, a bounty hunter, known for his crazy and careless demeanor. Madworld strikes a practically perfect balance between open-world gameplay and dynamic play style.

The violence in Madworld is occasionally humourous, as it provides madness alongside brutality. Players indulge in the enthralling gameplay using the items and weapons they discover on the map. It’s a dynamic video game that prioritizes showcasing the blood bath meticulously.

01. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is an iconic fighting video game franchise that emphasizes brutal and violent combat. The series encompasses several exciting titles that demonstrate how deadly the action sequences and finishers are in the video game. Mortal Kombat doesn’t hold back from showing the graphical violence. From gruesome punches to bone-crushing kicks, the matches can get fairly tense.

The video game is renowned for its “Fatality” move, once an opponent is defeated players can perform a fatal move to finish off the practically dead player. These moves are so frantic that they bring chills to people.

Conclusion: Most Violent Video Games

Video games are a diverse medium, that explicitly exploits creativity. Whether you like the generic themes of action-adventure or you find indie titles intriguing, the video games industry can cultivate these genres beyond your imagination. Among the best game genres, there is the gore genre, which is infamous for showcasing violent sequences in the most realistic way possible. While it may not be considered a whole genre, it is a popular theme that you may not only find in video games but also films and novels.

In this blog, we explored the best of the most violent video game titles that are disturbing yet enchanting. If you find a game to immerse in, do let us know in the comments.

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