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Redfall Metacritic: Play this Video Game Right Away and Here’s Why

Redfall Metacritic

Redfall is a First-Person-Shooting video game with with cryptical low rating on Metacritic. There are many reasons for this, some call the video game an utter flop while others pump it up as a masterwork. The reality may not be conspicuous but we are elaborating on it and revealing everything about the video game, from the plot to the characters, from music to animation, let’s begin with the Redfall review in care of Metacritic.

Lore and Setting According to Redfall Metacritic Review

The vampire-hunting genre is widely famous in video games. Players indulge in hunting down vampires in a multitude of ways, but shooting games are another one of its popular subgenres.

Redfall’s cover page features a bunch of characters, some humans carrying different weapons and a vampire with long nails facing the camera, who seems to be overwhelmed by them. The cover page gives an idea of what the video game is about.

The video game follows 4 vampire hunters who try to escape from a town that is overrun by vampires but can’t make it because vampires cast a spell that creates a border around the town that lets no one pass through. The sun also goes under a permanent eclipse, and with no sunlight, Vampires can use all of their powers and abilities. The town of Redfall slowly fills up with vampires to the brim and only these 4 Vampire hunters can stop them. They have to unveil the puzzling secrets, as well as break the spell that is keeping them trapped.

Redfall has plot holes, and despite not being a perfect video game, it somewhat offers what fans find enjoyable.


When you start the video game, you ought to choose one character from the 4, Jacob, Layla, Remi, and Devinder. The video game begins narrating the plot from that character’s perspective.

The players then start the video game by choosing the gameplay mode. The video game features single-player and multiplayer modes of different difficulty levels. Moreover, the video game gives freedom to the players. If stuck they can communicate and find a solution to something perplexing in multiple ways. The weapon upgrading system levels up the gameplay experience, players can choose a gun, customize it, and upgrade its stats to make it twice as powerful and cool as its original shape. The combat mechanics, stealth, and long-range action are available to players. The character’s appearance and abilities can change to meet a player’s preferences. The skills, apparel, and weapons are changeable. As you progress with the story you can unlock different skill sets and achievements.


Redfall features not one, or not two but 4 protagonists, All from different races and in different apparel, suitable to their skills. These characters have different backgrounds, personalities, and abilities.

These are

  • Devinder Crousley: a cryptozoologist who finds learning supernatural creatures amusing, and studies them for his benefit. He creates gadgets himself that benefit him in fighting Vampires.
  • Layla Ellison: a telekinesis student, who can manipulate objects and any creature. She despises authorities and hates being under the influence.
  • Remi de la Rosa: a combat engineer who can use her abilities to create weapons, such as turrets, shields, and more. She is kind and wishes to help her people.
  • Jacob Boyer: a former special forced sniper, who is infamous for his long-range shooting accuracy. He is a secretive person who keeps everything to himself.

Every character specializes in something and can make the most out of their skills. If the player doesn’t like a skill, they can change it to make a perfect character.

Animation and Soundtrack

If you are tired after working or doing something that consumes energy. You might not like the background music of Redfall, it’s suspenseful and loud. However, if you are hyped and want something that matches your energy, then you will find Redfall’s soundtrack motivating. Redfall’s OST promos have high usage of trumpets, keyboards, and drums.

The animation is probably one of the best things about the video game. Starting with the plot, it’s above-average, with fine characters, and stunning animation. When reloading a gun or changing the camera angle, you can see how meticulously detailed the animation Redfall is, but it’s still not too perfect.

RedFall Score on Metacritic

Metacritic doesn’t recommend its users to play the Redfall video game. The Metascore is average nothing sort of special but userscore is worse than you could imagine. There rarely is any review on Metacritic that pushes the video game’s rating to 10/10. Most critics think of Redfall as a mid-game after analyzing everything it offers.

Redfall’s user score on Metacritic is 3.5/10 and Metascore is about 56 out of 100.


  • Redfall features a colorful yet dark atmosphere, showcasing different biomes and different visuals each time, making Redfall thematic.
  • The realistic sound design of the video game enhances the gameplay experience, and there’s no doubt that the video game’s key to success is music too.
  • The diversity of weapons and attributes is beyond amazing. Furthermore, the game has a lot of creative weapons that are customizable to the player’s preferences.


  • Redfall is plagued with uncountable bugs, such as Technical issues, crashes, blank screens, ping errors, and many more.
  • Redfall has poor textures that get stuck from frame to frame and bad gameplay optimization on all platforms.
  • The video game has an unoriginal and predictable plot, which misses creating any sentimental connection with the gamers. The video game’s humor looks unreal and is worse than your expectations.

Although the game is improving with each update and the studio, Arkane Studios is adding more features and removing glitches and bugs that are ruining the gaming experience.

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Conclusion: Redfall Metacritic Score and Complete Review

Redfall is a shooting video game that you might enjoy if you find yourself indulging in vampire-hunting video games or films, because Redfall offers the same satisfaction, more or less. The game is about freeing a town from evil vampires, who feed on humans and cause mass destruction to extreme levels. The game’s score is below average and if you don’t feel like playing it, then there is nothing we can’t do. But if you are here solely to enjoy an immersive story, then Redfall has a lot to offer.

Comment your opinions on the video game, and tell us what are your thoughts on negative and critical reviews of the video game. And Does Redfall deserve the treatment, it receives now?

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