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Popular Youtuber Discovers Unreleased Playstation 2 Game

Popular Youtuber ashens, best known for his series of comedy sketches focused on showing off various cheap and bootleg merchandise, made a strange discovery while browsing his local charity shop back in 2012.  What was clearly packaged in a fake Playstation 2 game box turned out to be an alpha build of a game that was never finished nor released.  It wasn’t until ashens had a recent conversation with the people behind fellow Youtube channel DidYouKnowGaming that he realized exactly what he had.

Explosion Royale was being developed by London-based studio King of the Jungle before its Swedish parent company, Unique Development Studios, declared bankruptcy.  King of the Jungle was responsible for such games as Agent Armstrong and B-Movie (AKA Invasion from Beyond) for the Playstation and Grooverider: Slot Car Racing (AKA Grooverider: Slot Car Thunder) for the Playstation 2.  Explosion Royale would have been a military-themed third-person shooter with a cartoony artstyle.  Prior to ashens’ discovery, no video footage of the game was available to the public.  The build he has is very early with little to offer outside of a vertical slice with only a few mechanics fully implemented.

The copy of the Explosion Royale alpha will be sent to the people behind the website Unseen64 that archives betas and cancelled games.  Their experience is sure to uncover as much information about the game and its development as possible.  You can see ashens’ footage of the game in action with his explanation of the story here and the raw gamplay here.  Always keep an eye out as you never know when you’ll find a rare treasure like this.

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