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Play Over 2,000 Classic MS-DOS Games for Free in Your Browser


God, I just had a nostalgia overdose after checking out the offering of classic MS-DOS games: over 2,000 titles are available for free and playable in your browser, from classic hits like the original Price of Persia or Wolfenstein, to amazing titles like The Oregon Trail, Supaplex, Leisure Suit Larry and many, many more.

So if you’re 30 and over, it’s basically your childhood offered once again, for free. This is really worth a complete weekend, hidden in your man cave with a ton of Mountain Dew and cold pizza. Just prepare for a rough time because, since these are available in your browser, progress can’t be saved!

The best part about this huge collection (well, second best part, because it being free tops them all) is that you can always find strange and amazing titles that you have never heard of or played and remember that the early 90s were a great time for extremely original and crazy titles. What they weren’t able to deliver in terms of visuals, they replaced with originality, innovation and sometimes pure craziness.

But enough talking! There are about 2,400 classic MS-DOS games waiting for you, ready to be played for free in your browser, so head over to the website and give them a try. You know you want to!

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