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New Just Cause 3 Screenshot & Trailer Unveiled (Analysis)


So the good ol’ folks at Avalanche Studios and Square Enix has been very generous, as they just unveiled new screen-shots and a teaser trailer “Fire starter” for their upcoming sequel Just Cause 3.

I want to discuss the trailer first as I feel that’s the quickest one to talk about. The Trailer (like most teaser trailers) doesn’t showcase much in terms of gameplay (in fact it doesn’t show any gameplay at all), mainly the trailer just showcases a montage of fire, explosions, burnings of propaganda posters, and the destruction of a statue of a dictator (I’m assuming it’s the dictator for the game, but that might change), which is typical imagery to be associated with the Just Cause franchise for sure, however didn’t really showcase anything of note…except one thing. You get to see Rico in the trailer (who’s looking mighty fine) and you get to see the man unveil a new feature for the series, a deploy-able wing-suit. It’s not much, but if that means I get to fly around like a bird in this new landscape, I’m down. The trailer then ends with the text “Set the world on fire Holiday 2015” Which holiday? You got me, I’ve no clue. To conclude, all I got to say is…the song was nice.

That’s unfortunately all I got to say about the trailer, and hopefully we’ll see actual gameplay in the future. Check out the video below:

As for the new screen-shots, the game is looking beautiful. The landscapes and the design overall is very striking, and definitely makes me want to explore the world in this game. Also stuff like weather effects, the explosions, lighting and shadows, as well as textures, are definitely a step of from it’s predecessor. Another thing to note is that the game seems to take place in a country of Latin origin of sorts, unlike the last game which took place in the fictional Asian island country of Panau. While I can’t place what country this is supposed to resemble, one of the screen-shots has a flag that hangs on a pole which resembles the Mexican flag. You also get to get a look at ol’ Rico and his new design, and overall I dig it. I also can determine that you will be able to hold about 4 weapons at a time, two heavy weapons (like assault rifles and rocket launcher’s) and 2 side weapons (like submachine guns and pistols) which is very similar to the last game. Check out the newly released screenshots below:













While there isn’t stuff that you haven’t seen before like the typical like Sky Diving, Parachuting, the Grappling onto stuff, and Sky-jacking (taking control of air vehicles while in mid-air), as well as grappling objects/people to other objects like cars, buildings the screen-shots also unveil 2 new features not seen before, such as the above mentioned wing-suit, and the ability to fire weapons while grappling to objects, as seen in the screen-shot of Rico firing a missile type weapon while grappling to something off-screen.

The wing-suit is another prospect that I’m definitely interested in, there are only two screen-shots that feature it, however, I get a good sense how it works, basically allowing you to glide through the air at higher speeds in a more vertical way of traveling through the air and I imagine it was added in the game to make traveling across the map much faster than just using your parachute-grappling hook combo. Overall I’m excited to see how the wing-suit will be incorporated into the gameplay itself, as I imagine you can do some pretty crazy stuff with it.

That pretty much concludes my analysis for the trailer and the new screen-shots released.

Overall I am looking forward to see more, and when we get more info on the game, as well as gameplay footage, I’ll make sure to talk about it.

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