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7 Days To Die – Choosing a Play Style that Suits You


7 Days To Die

There are multiple ways in which a player can approach the zombie infested survival crafting game 7 Days To Die. There is no right or wrong way to go about your method of survival, unless you’re dying, that would be the wrong way… nevertheless, each process has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully one of these speaks out to you and you look at it in a relatable fashion, stroking your chin as you nod along, “yeah, that sounds like me.” Some of these may vary depending on whether you are playing solo or with a number of other players so both have their perks. Here are just a few examples of long term survival plans that you might find useful.

The Fortifier

This is an ideal play style for players with creative ambitions and those of you who like to hoard your belongings in one secure location. I’ve essentially named this for what it is, you build a fort or make one by expanding an already existing structure. Although challenging (especially when playing solo), if done correctly, this can be a very effective and safe way of surviving the zombie apocalypse. Building your dream zombie-proof base consists of three essentials:

• A Vision
• Resources
• Practicality

You have a vision, you must ask yourself, is it realistically doable? Do you have enough resources and if worst comes to worst, are there emergency exits? Obviously the stronger your material, the more fortified your base will become. I would recommend either concrete or iron as a means of building materials, these can be used to build your walls and doors (of course it varies depending on where and how your base is constructed). Setting up camp does have its own perks.


• If you’ve settled down on the outskirts of nearby villages/cities, you’ll be able to gather a number of varied items, from weapons to literature to pharmaceuticals.
• Since you are staying in one core location, you can set up a means of building a more self sufficient lifestyle within a controlled environment. Growing your own crops, developing your forging abilities and storing your essentials all without having to check over your shoulder every few moments.
• Enough security to defend against the undead. If your structure is durable and works, as long as you maintain it and keep your head down, you’re in it for the long run.

However, if watching AMC’s The Walking Dead has taught me anything, it’s that staying in one location never lasts forever.


• If you’re in a secluded location, you run the risk of being far from potential resources that may be scarce to begin with. If you’re not self sufficient then eventually your resources are going to run out.
• Herds. I found that the more I stayed in one place, the more frequent I’d come across a horde of the undead. With each day passing, their numbers only increased and if your base is not up to scratch, you might just get caught off guard some day and before you know it you’re back to square one.
• Boredom. Like staring at the same four walls in your room, you’ll eventually find that life within the walls isn’t always so much fun. Sure it’s safe and if done correctly, you’re set for life, but without the aspirations to expand and improve with goals to fulfil, what is it all for?

The Mole

Essentially the equivalent to ‘The Fortifier’ except you’ve burrowed beneath the earth’s surface as a means on hiding away from the flesh eating corpses above. In some ways, this is one of the more superior methods because if you dig deep enough and ensure your structure is secure and doesn’t collapse in on itself, the undead might sense you but not be able to pinpoint your exact location. In addition to that, if your border has a high dropping distance, it might be enough to cause zombies to die from fall damage, leaving you practically 100% protected from undead intrusions (if you can pull it off that is…).

The Scavenger

This play style favours a more high risk, living on the edge kind of approach. You essentially take your chances out on the road, never staying in one location for too long, always on the move and looting what you can as you go. It takes a certain adjustment to your mindset when tackling this method. You have to consider the value of your items as space is limited. You will spend most of your play time on the edge of survival. Although the risk is that much higher, you’ll never have another experience like it.


• The world is your oyster, make of it what you will. Not being tied down to the high maintenance and responsibilities of a fortified location means that you can pick up your bag and leave when things get too hairy. You’ve got much to gain and very little to lose other than the cost of your life.
• Life on the edge. You live the rest of your numbered days in this world on the go, meaning new experiences are anything but few and far between. Although dangerous, this survival method is the more thrilling approach to 7DTD. You’ll spend your days looting cities and abandoned cabins and your nights sleeping with one eye open as the tension of a passing horde leaves you curled up in a corner in absolute fear.
• Loot is never scarce. Although certain resources may be hard to come by, you’ll never run short of items if you’re constantly on the go. New locations are just sitting there waiting for you to take their goods, are you going to take it?


• Loot might be more scarce than I thought… No matter how hard you look, there’s always that one item that you desperately need that is so hard to come by. Be it a cooking pot or antibiotics. Living out on the go is risk some are willing to take but it’s not for everybody.
• Space is limited. Because you don’t have one location to store your goods away it means you have to take it all with you. Your backpack space is restricted to 32 slots, adding the 8 slots on your tool-belt leaves you with just 40 slots to hold all the essentials. There may be a time where you come across something you really want or need but in order to take it you’ll have to sacrifice something else that could be just as important.
• Morale can get low. With the sole purpose being to survive, it leaves little room for you to really take an advantage of the games crafting mechanics. You can go through life on the road by the skin of your teeth but you without a goal or objective, once again, what is it all for?.

These are just a few summarised examples of ways you can take the reins of life in the zombie apocalypse. Of course the emphasis is on a few, there’s no one way of playing the game and I’m sure there are a ton of creative ways you can adapt to in order to survive. Find the play style suits you best and go forth into the brutal world of 7DTD. Good luck and stay safe.

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