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New details about Horizon Forbidden West include weaponry, climbing mechanics & tools

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In a recent PlayStation5 developer’s blog, Guerrilla Games disclose all the new details about Horizon Forbidden West. They also disclose the new skills of its main character ‘Aloy’. And with the help of her new toolkit, she can fight with the new machine enemies. The toolkit includes melee, climbing, swimming, weapons upgrades, and more traversal methods.

Horizon Zero Dawn is famous for its climbing and gorgeous open worlds, archery and stealth gameplay, as well as terrifying robot enemies. Guerrilla looked to extend these elements in the video game, reveal new details about Horizon Forbidden West. While paying attention to the way players travel through the ruins of an overgrown landscape. The dev blog provides context for some of the play footage shown in the reveal of the 14-minute gameplay. And it was first shown at the Sony State of Play in March. The blog’s latest version is full of a lot of fun information and gameplay footage.

The community leader of Guerrilla Games, Bo de Vries describes, “Aloy can climb freely and over vast sections of rock”. Even more, machines are able to mount or grapple points all over the place that permits a fast vertical traversal. Underwater swimming opens up a new way of exploring. And gliding on the Shieldwing gives you the best experience of the breathtaking landscape, one of the interesting new details about Horizon Forbidden West — as well as a quick way to descend from high altitudes!”

Few of the new details about Horizon Forbidden west:

  • An increase in the verticality sense results from world traversal, in which “rocks in these areas can be climbed without handholds from tribal tribes!”
  • The “high vault traversal mechanic” permits Aloy to “stand onto the top of any object that is jumpable with enough room to pull her up.”
  • A brand new Pullcaster tool that users can employ to launch and “manipulate their surroundings.” In the air, they can “reach for a higher level and fire their bows or glide, can hit from above or grapple to an even higher point.” The Pullcaster can also serve to “pull an unnoticed chest of loot from a ledge or open the vent to make an entirely new climbing way.”
  • Another brand-new tool, the Shieldwing, is similar to Horizon’s interpretation of a Zelda-style glider. It’ll assist Aloy to land smoothly from all the climbing.
  • Workbench addition will allow the player to upgrade their weapons and clothes.
  • New melee-related features are available for spears, such as the “Resonator Blast,” and a “Valor Surge” is designed to encourage players to use creativity in melee (a massive improvement for those who believed melee was not as useful during Zero Dawn).
  • In certain encounters between factions, human beings may be able to use mounted or steeds as machines. For example, human and machine interactions in Zero Dawn were not similar.
  • Some highlights were also mentioned in the dev’s blog for PlayStation 5 owners, focusing on feedback from haptics woven into DualSense Wireless Controllers. For example, this allows for a touch like an adaptive trigger tension while making the bow and the sensation of tall grass when Aloy sneaks around it.

“We’ve put an enormous amount of effort to create more variety for players”, states Dennis Zopfi, the designer. We are eager to see how users will be playing. The different skills, weapons, and equipment that Aloy can acquire. All reveal in new detail about Horizon Forbidden West.

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