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Minecraft’s Getting A Bunch Of New Features



During this year’s Minecon – an event that exclusively covers everything that’s coming in the future of Minecraft – Mojang (Minecraft’s creators) announced a bunch of new features that are coming for their 2009’s survival sandbox.

One of the most important of them being the dual wielding, as it now gives the players the ability to hold up to two items with two hands at the time. In other words, players are now able to, for instances, both hold a pickaxe and a torch at the same time, something that can be quite useful while exploring mines and caves. Or you could just lose your mind, and dual wield two swords, and kill every pig that dares to stay in your way.

Another big feature that was spoken in the conference were the glowing arrows, have the capability to mark the target for a short period of time, which can obviously give the shooter a big advantage in a confrontation.

But what, in my personal opinion was the biggest feature, had to be the announcement of The End City, which is by the words of the people at Mojang is “A makeover of The End”, which for those who don’t know, used to be this floating island, where the player would fight The Ender Dragon, but now promises t be fully fleshed worlds – just like the Nether – and have buildings and ladders, which obviously is a big change from what people have always been used to. It also promises o have new enemies, just like The Shulker, which will quite literally make you float by his sight, as his shooting makes you get to the top of wherever you are, which can both be helpful – as The End City will now provide some parkour stages – or utterly deadly, as your an easily fall for your death.

And for the Ender Dragon though, well, this is what Mojang has to say about him:

“The Ender Dragon right now in the PC edition is not right. You go to the end, you break a few blocks, then you hit him over the head a couple of times[…]”

And you can expect an update for the consoles as well, which – just like the PC version – will also provide these Ender Crystals that will be used to spawn The Ender Dragon.

Mojang will also update the iOS version in an attempt to balance the mobile versions with the superior ones, and they’ll now support XP and Hunger bars, which – you know – is always useful for a survival game.

And don’t forget, for more on Minecon and Minecraft related, stay tuned to VGamerZ.

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