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Infinite Crisis Shutting Down in August


Infinite Crisis, the DC Comics-inspired MOBA that launched in March of this year, has already announced on its official website that it will be closing up shop.  On August 14th, the game will be completely shut down and rendered unplayable.  The servers will stay up in the meantime, but there will not be any further development on the game.  This likely means that the indevelopment character, Solomon Grundy, will never reach a playable state.  Anyone who purchased the Starter or Elite pack for the game on Steam will have their money refunded.

It’s sad to see the game die out this early, but it’s not entirely surprising.  Like MMOs, MOBAs demand a great deal of dedication from their players and a large part of the game’s value comes from having a large community to play with.  As such, there’s only so much room for games in the genre and only the most stand-out titles will last.  This isn’t the first title to be pressured out of the genre as the once promising Dawngate was shut down while still in open beta.  Are you upset to see this superhero battle arena go?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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