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FFXIV: How to Obtain the Pegasus Mount

Patch 3.1 has landed! The realm of Eorzea grows ever more. With it, new mounts to obtain and use in all your exploring adventures. What am I talking about? The Pegasus mount! Released in this most recent patch, the Pegasus mount, like many before it, is a grind wholly depending on the luck of RNG.

To begin, you need to be able to access the Diadem by heading to Ishgard Pillars (X:14 Y:10) and completing the quest. You can then access the Diadem(Easy) and the Diadem. Yes, that is exactly how it is in the menu, I’m not even joking! Anyway, to be able to embark on these missions, you need to talk to Jaquoinie and purchase a Mission Ceruleum Voucher. Then talk to Aurvael again to select what mission you’d like to go on.

For the other two Diadem missions released in this patch, you need to have access to your Free Company workshop and have a built airship. Once you complete a Diadem mission, you must wait 30 minutes before undertaking another.

During the Diadem, you’ll be fighting enemies. Each enemy will drop a chest upon defeat, the Bronze being the most common chests, Silver being uncommon and Gold being rare. NM monsters commonly drop Gold chests, but they are more difficult to defeat. Each chest will have either armor or accessories, and will range from 1 drop to 4 drops, depending on luck and type of chest.

Now, if you’re going in solo, you will only have the option to Greed on the items. This goes for everyone in the party. However, if you go as a pre-made group, then you will be able to Need on the item that is for your class. To make the grind a bit easier and less painful, you can always party up with people, figure out who get’s what loot and then Need accordingly.

Now, there are three types of ilvl gear and their ilvl determines how many Brass Sky Pirate Spoils you can get by trading. 150ilvl gear can be turned in for 1 Brass Sky Pirate Spoil. 180ilvl gear for 2 Brass Sky Pirate Spoils and 210ilvl gear for 3 Brass Sky Pirate Spoils. To trade, you talk to the Spoils Trader in Ishgard.

When you collect 99 Brass Sky Pirate Spoils, talk to Spoils Collector, click Spoils Collector(Other) and you can trade in those 99 Brass Sky Pirate Spoils for the Pegasus Whistle.

Good luck!

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