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10 Funny Video Games to Play With Friends

funny video games to play with friends

Cooperative video games offer fun and impeccable experiences, however, funny video games that exploit humor are extremely fascinating to play with friends. In this blog, we are delving into some of the iconic and fresh titles that you shouldn’t miss out on.

01. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Funny Video Games to Play With Friends)

Fall Guys can offer you experiences that you never thought you would simultaneously feel, from feeling frustrated to content, from rooting for teammates to wishing for their elimination, this video game knows how to entertain users.

The game Fall Guys is a free-to-play battle royale that provides chaotic gameplay in imaginative whimsical worlds. In the game, up to 32 players participate in different courses that procedurally run in sequences after some players are eliminated. Players aim to qualify for subsequent rounds by completing mini-games. The last team or the last player standing wins the game for their squad.

02. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is an impressive multiplayer video game that lingers in your head all day long. In the game, you will control surly gelatinous characters who engage in brutal fights, aiming to be the last man or the last team standing. The characters you choose are customizable, you can change their colors, upgrade them with fantastic outfits, and even match the settings with your teammates.

The game is infamous for physics-based combat, humor, and chaotic environments. Install the game and engage in local battles right away.

03. Human Fall Flat (Funny Video Games to Play With Friends)

Human Fall Flat is a light-hearted physics-based video game, known for impressing players with hilarious gameplay. It’s a hybrid of puzzle-solving and exploration. Each stage provides a new environment with several challenges, overcoming them will unlock the pathway to completing the stage. The dream maps range from snowy mountains to industrial locations, and eerie nightscapes.

Human Fall Flat’s eccentric gameplay mechanics allow for creative solutions, players can team up with their friends to find the best approaches to overcoming a challenge.

04. Party Animals

Party Animals is a charming party game that caters to all. It’s an interesting video game where you will control quirky animals indulging in various mini-games. Party Animals include dogs, cats, pandas, bunnies and more. The game has several different modes that are challenging yet exciting. The objective in the game varies on the game mode you play.

Party Animals offers visual fidelity, engaging mechanics, fun gameplay, and soothing soundtracks. It’s the ultimate adventure in the medium of party games.

05. Plug & Play (Funny Video Games to Play With Friends)

Plug & Play is an intricate mind-boggling video game. It’s a surreal play with Plugs. The game allows you to immerse in gameplay where plugging different anthropoid creatures is your ultimate goal. The video game is simply not bounded by a specific genre, although its gameplay demonstrates that the video game is indie-adventure.

Even though Plug & Play encompasses an unsettling environment, it’s satisfying due to the interactive and clear instructions. The video game has received mixed reception from gamers, obtaining a whopping score of 7/10 on numerous websites.

06. Mount Your Friends (Funny Video Games to Play With Friends)

Mount Your Friends is a physics-based co-operative climbing video game, where you won’t be climbing any mountain or skyscraper, instead your adventure will be mounting on your friends. The goal is to create the highest point by climbing on previous climbers and initially a goat. If you fail to create a tower before the time runs out, you will be eliminated.

The video game is quite frustrating, the controls are responsive and easy to navigate but mastering them could make you go insane. If your teammates commit a wrong move the tower will fall with immediate effect. Mount Your Friends has garnered attention due to its unique gameplay.

07. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Getting threatened with a time bomb that explodes if you don’t talk is a unique concept. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a cooperative puzzle game where the players assume the role of either a bomb defuser and/or experts helping the defuser. The game starts with one player trapped inside a room with a bomb that must be defused, while the other players, possessing the bomb defusal manual, provide instructions on how to defuse it.

This can be a great laugh when you have friends participating to prevent the bomb from detonating. Effective communication and absolute teamwork are requisite to overcoming the challenge.

08. Hand Simulator

Hand Simulator is an epic mobile and Windows-exclusive video game that combines the elements of party with simulation. The video game simulates various actions of a human hand, players control fingers and create hand gestures to complete the objectives. The video game is challenging and provides a realistic experience as players navigate through different intricate missions and engage in funny sessions together with friends.

Hand Simulator is available in VR, which enhances the gameplay experience to a great expanse. Additionally, the weird hand movements create funny sequences, allowing players to test their dexterity.

09. Portal 2 (Among The Best Funny Video Games to Play With Friends)

Portal 2 is considered a funny game for several reasons, its impeccable graphics and visual comedy play a role in its production. It’s a popular puzzle platformer that invites players to take on the role of Chell, a test subject in a science enrichment center. Her adventures center on exploring various test chambers using a special device called “Portal Gun.” The video game features innovative gameplay mechanics, where creating portals is essential to solve puzzles. The cooperative gameplay is the video game’s heart, which creates some humourous sequences.

10. Goat Simulator

Who knew simulating a goat, and doing everyday activities could be enthralling? Goat Simulator makes it possible. In this open-world game, players simulate a goat navigating it through a sandbox world, causing chaos and exploiting creativity. Players can perform stunts, destroy objects, and interact with various non-playable characters.

The goat in the game encompasses extraordinary abilities, which help users knock out moving vehicles, abnormal jumps, and rapid sprints. Playing with friends can only unveil the game’s chaotic elements.

Conclusion: Funny Video Games to Play With Friends

Playing funny games with friends can make you unwind, laugh, and create delightful memories. Whether you enjoy quirky challenges, ridiculously entertaining environments, or hilarious storylines, these enlisted games can offer you fascinating experiences.

If you have found yourself a new title that you would immerse in with your squad, make sure to let us know through the comments or on Facebook and Instagram.

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