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Fallout 4 Guide: How to Get All Building Materials

Fallout 4 Guide - Building Materials

To build and expand settlements, players need to gather a vast variety of materials. Finding and collecting them however, is not always an easy task.

Apart from dismantling all the stuff present in your settlement areas, it is also possible to scrap inventory items to obtain core materials. As in every game, some components are way more uncommon than others, so they might be harder to find. Here’s  a helpful list with items that you need to scrap in order to get your desired material:


Acid – Abraxo Cleaner; Anti Freeze Bottle; Suprathaw Antifreeze;

Adhesive – Duct Tape; Sealed Wonderglue; Vegetable Starch;

Aluminum – Coolant Cap; Distress Pulser;

Antiseptic – Abraxo Cleaner; Turpentine; Abraxo Cleaner;

Asbestos – Biometric Scanner; Coffee Pot; Extinguisher; Oven Mitt; Pack of Cigarettes; Teapot;

Bones – All Bones (ex: Tibia); Animal Parts and Corpses

Broken Light Bulb – Street Lamp;

Ceramics – Bathtub; Toilet; Ceramic Bowl; Coffee Cup; Sink; Teapot; White Plate;

Circuitry – Alarm Clock; Distress Pulser; Enchanted Targeting Card; Military-Grade Circuit Board; Telephone; Hot Plate;

Cloth – All Dresses, Suits and Outfits (ex: Laundered Green Dress); All Hood and Hats (ex: Hood with Straps); Box of San Francisco Sunlights; Cigar Box; Couch; Kitchen Chairs; Pre-War Money; Last Edition Newspaper; Pack of Cigarettes, Paintbrush; Rug; Trifold American Flag;

Cork – Antique Globe;

Copper – Fuse; Hot Plate; Light Bulb; Power Relay Coil; Telephone; Vacuum Tube;

Crystal – Camera; Microscope; ProSnap Camera;

Fiberglass – Abraxo Cleaner; Cigar Box; Jangles the Moon Monkey; Telephone;

Fiber Optics – Biometric Scanner; Microscope;

Fuse – Street Lamp;

Fallout 4 Guide - Scraping Inventory Items

Gears – Adjustable Wrench; Camera; Desk Fan; Gold Watch; Microscope; ProSnap Camera; Typewriter; Silver Pocket Watch;

Glass – Beer Bottle; Empty Milk Bottle; Fuse; Glass Pitcher; Lamp; Light Bulb; Nuka Cola Bottle; Shot Glass; Vacuum Tube;

Gold – Gold Items (ex: Gold Watch, Gold Lighter);

Leather – All Hides and Leathers (ex: Radstag Hide); Some Arm and Leg Pieces (ex: Leather Left Leg); Gas Masks; Harness

Nuclear Materials – Alarm Clock; Biometric Scanner; Distress Pulser; Nuclear Material;

Oil – Blue Paint; Flip Lighter; Gas Canister; Oil Can; Soap;

Plastic – Automatic Institute Pistol; Bread Box; Enchanted Targeting Card; Files; Plastic Spoon; Pack of Cigarettes; Shopping Basket; Scissors; Anti Freeze Bottle;

Rubber – Baby Bottle; Fridge; Street Lamp; Tire; Extinguisher;

Screw – Antique Globe; Desk Fan; Hot Plate; Typewriter; Toy Car; Toy Truck; Antique Globe;

Silver – Silver Items (ex: Silver Fork; Silver Locket; Silver Bowl); Enchanted Targeting Card;

Spring – Spring; Camera; Flip Lighter; Kitchen Scale; ProSnap Camera; Typewriter;

Steel – All Pistols and Rifles (ex: Pipe Auto Pistol); Ball-peen Hammer; All Melee Weapons (ex: Tire Iron); Some Armor Pieces (ex: Raider Left Arm); Blue Paint; Extinguisher; Flip Lighter; Gas Canister; Kitchen Scale; Mailbox; Oil Can; Radiator; Safe; Shopping Basket; Screwdriver; Scissors; Stove; Street Lamp; Toy Truck; Turpentine;

Wood – All Trees (ex: Maple Tree); Wooden Objects (ex: Table); Ball-peen Hammer; Box of San Francisco Sunlights; Cigar Box; Paintbrush; Picture Frame; Screwdriver; Trifold American Flag


Note: There are numerous items in-game and this list does not comprehend every one of them.

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