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EA SPORTS™ F1 24 Review – The Pinnacle of Racing Games

F1 24 Review

EA SPORTS™ F1 24 is a fresh title in the F1 game series, known for its adrenaline-pumping races and tremendously entertaining gameplay, the franchise is back to provide the same intensity, and the reviewer’s review speaks so. Releasing within 12 months after its predecessor, F1 23, the video game has undergone great changes. It has now become more fascinating and alluring, meeting the demands of Formula 1 enthusiasts.

Introduction to the EA SPORTS™ F1 24: Review

EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 is the official video game for the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship. Known for offering an authentic driving experience, the video game allows players to indulge in the asphalt-burning gameplay. Players can use 20 different drivers and 10 renowned teams. The video game explicitly features an extensive roster with meticulous details. Whether you are an F1 series veteran or a newcomer, the video game promises exciting content.

The single-player races usually last around 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the competition and tracks. Online multiplayer mode races also vary in length, some races are shorter whereas others allow for a complete Grand Prix experience. Simply these races can be more than an hour long.

EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 supports cross-platform play, you can log into your account and compete against players on different platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, and PC).

Gameplay Modes

EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 is packed with loads of action sequences. It provides quality content in the form of different game modes, each landing beyond people’s expectations. Hence, the scarce review quantity speaks greatly about F1 24.

Among many of its exciting modes is Driver Career Mode, which plays a pivotal role in the game’s reputation. In this game mode, you can step into the shoes of any widely known F1 driver, and race through different realistic tracks. The objective of this mode is winning and building a reputation.

My Team Career Mode is the game’s heart. This mode allows you to create and manage your team. Players have the requisite freedom to sign sponsors, compete against other teams, and train their players. You assume the role of the manager who is aiming to create a championship-winning team.

Players immersed in the game can enhance their gameplay by creating and participating in unique challenging stages. Time Trails allows for a race against time, and exclusive events allow players to approach the gameplay in a mesmerizing manner.

Driving Mechanics: F1 24 Review

Due to the game having a massive install size, it encompasses easy-to-navigate settings, an impressive yet simple screen layout, and silky game controls.

All new suspension physics of the game expand the cars’ physics in the game. You can expect swift suspension movement and sublime handling. The new power unit settings also enhance your engine’s performance, and you will have complete control of your F1 car. Lastly,  the realism in aerodynamic settings is jaw-dropping.

In terms of controls and gameplay mechanics, EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 certainly has stepped up big time. Conquering these mechanics is the key to winning every game.

Performance and Visual Fidelity

EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 emphasizes optimized performance, it aims to offer smoother gameplay with a high frame rate. It boasts stunning visuals, and eye-soothing cityscapes, capturing the breathing world of Formula One.

In comparison to the predecessor, the video game meticulously shows shadows and overall car details. Moreover, the dynamic weather allows for a better experience. To strike a balanced performance players can navigate their way to graphics settings and choose their settings from performance mode, suited to work even in the weaker systems, and quality mode, which provides breathtaking visuals and flawless gameplay.

Pros and Cons: F1 24 Review

EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 is practically an impeccable video game, however, it can be a little odd, here’s a brief overview of the positives and negatives of the game.


  • Enhanced Graphics and Realism: The game takes place in immaculately beautiful graphics, and the characters’ models are also close to life, standing out unbelievably.
  • Improved AI: The AI is several times smarter than it was in previous games. It exhibits realistic and more authentic behavior. The CPU approaches the gameplay tactically, which is impressive to witness.
  • Satisfying Driving: The driving in EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 is satisfactory, landing newcomers and experienced players’ expectations. Due to the great improvements in handling, the game allows for a smoother driving session. The game can simultaneously provide fast-paced gameplay and engrossing content.


  • Complex Career Mode: Newcomers often find themselves struggling to get past the Career Mode. That happens because the video game has expanded the features of currencies, values, and systems that enhance the realism of the game.
  • Handling Challenges: While the handling of the game couldn’t be more improved than it already has, it still becomes challenging depending on the vehicle you are driving. Some vehicles feel slightly more nervous, while others require a brake pedal to avoid locking up.

Reviews and Acclaim from Critics: F1 24 Review

The critics are eagerly waiting for the video game to hit the gaming world, so they can post their reviews on the internet, highlighting the features and pointing out what aspects of the game need to be upgraded. However, the speculations unveil that the video game will mostly receive positive reviews, and potentially receive generally favorable acclaim from critics on Metacritic.

The predecessor garnered attention for receiving an almost perfect score. Earning a 9/10 from Steam and 8/10 from IGN, F1 23 is still as engrossing as it was last year. With conspicuous upgrades in every facet of the game, we can expect a higher score.

Tune in for the video game, which will be released on 31st May. It will make everything comprehensible, even the user score and Critic score.

Conclusion: F1 24 Review

F1 24 is an incentive to the Formula 1 extremists. The F1 game series is known for its realistic presentation of the globally beloved sport, with the inclusion of extremely astounding graphics, meticulously detailed matches, and hi-fi audio, the game is pretty much faultless. Be it a Formula 1 enthusiast or a general racing games consumer, we recommend them to pre-order or purchase the game immediately without a second thought.

Share your experiences with the F1 games and tell us in comments or on Facebook and Instagram about how excited you are for F1 24.

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