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The 10 Best Horror Games Available on Steam

best horror games on steam

Horror Games have a special place in people who fawn over scary documentaries, and unsettling films, whether it is a gamer discovering games worth playing on Steam or a newcomer finding something creative to immerse in, horror games can help them discover the amusing facets of entertainment they haven’t explored yet. In this blog, you will discover the 10 best horror games on Steam.

01. Left 4 Dead (Best Horror Games on Steam)

Known for its intense gameplay, Left 4 Dead is a first-person thrilling shooter. The game follows four zombie apocalypse survivors: Bill, Zoey, Francis, and Louis. The survivors find themselves trapped in the city of Fairfield, Pennsylvania. Their objective is to investigate the Mercy Hospital, where the infection potentially could have originated.

The players step into the shoes of one of the four survivors, although, they can also switch to characters for a better experience. Launched in 2008, Left 4 Dead is still as mesmerizing.

02. Phasmophobia

Despite being an indie horror, Phasmophobia has astoundingly obtained a perfect score on Steam. At the moment, it’s an exclusive video game for PC. The video game emphasizes the multiplayer mode. Where players can investigate the haunted sites together, and help each other to increase the odds of survival.

The exploration is essential to make it out of the haunted zone. You can explore frantic locations such as abandoned houses, schools, and asylums. The thrill of finding shreds of evidence is immeasurable, to help you investigate properly, the game provides different tools to aid you in your investigation. These include EMF readers, spirit boxes, thermometers, UV flashlights, cameras, and more.

03. Dead Space (Best Horror Games on Steam)

Dead Space captures the essence of survival horror with its imaginative gameplay and fascinating storytelling. It’s a science-fiction horror that revolves around a massive planet-cracking mining ship, USG Ishimura, and USG Kellion, an emergency maintenance team that is dispatched to the USG Ishimura after it goes dark all of a sudden. Your objective will be to unravel the cause of the ship’s breakdown and the crew’s disappearance.

The remake of the game has brought the same experience with improved audio, impressive visuals, and meticulous details to the environment. Moreover, you can expect more responsive controls, which explicitly pay homage to the original game.

04. SOMA

Soma is an uncanny horror adventure game that is driven by its enigmatic narrative that unfolds in the year 2104 and is set in an underwater research facility. The gameplay primarily focuses on puzzle-solving and stealthy evasions of threats. You play as Simon Jarrett and experience the underwater in 3D through the first-person perspective. Soma’s journey centers on discovering the facility’s history. However, amidst your investigation, you can encounter supernatural beings that aren’t friendly.

To add depth to its eerie environment, the game adds the theme of scarce food, dead radio, and machines believing they are people.

05. The Forest (Best Horror Games on Steam)

The Forest video game captures arguably the worst nightmare of an airplane and aerodynamics geek. In the game, you play as the lone survivor of a jet crash who finds themselves in a mysterious forest, fighting against a society of cannibals. The video game is open-world, you can explore a gigantic forest where you can chop every tree and consume most plants.

You can build a camp or start a fire to restore your energy. Constructing shelters and ocean-side fortresses can promise your survival.

The game doesn’t strain systems to a large extent, your old PCs and PS4 can also run the game in FHD with a frame rate of over 60.

06. Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is an inventive video game that primarily focuses on survival with nearly non-existent suspense elements. In Dead by Daylight, one player assumes the role of the killer, while others play as fugitives, running to survive. Survivors must avoid getting caught by the killer and work together to restore the power of five generators that open the exit gate.

Dead By Daylight is infamous for its unpredictable gameplay due to both sides playing strategically.

07. Little Nightmares (Best Horror Games on Steam)

Little Nightmares is a captivating horror-puzzle platformer that collides with adventure elements. The video game is praised for its interactive storytelling it follows a young girl named Six, who finds herself in a mysterious place called The Maw. The Maw abnormally caters to wealthy people as it’s a water resort. Six must navigate through this disturbing place, however, the puzzles and challenges are awaiting her. She must overcome her childhood fears and make it out alive.

The visuals strike a balance between a unique art style that blends with darkness. Light Nightmares delivers the gameplay.

08. Five Nights At Freddy’s

Unlike traditional horror games that rely on movement and eerie atmosphere, Five Nights At Freddy’s emphasizes storytelling with an intense survival horror experience. In the game, you will control Mike Schmidt, a night security at a pizzeria. The narrative is seamlessly delightful up until we reach the part where you have to complete shifts while avoiding confronting the animatronic characters. These characters (Freddy Fazbear, along with his two animatronic friends) are programmed to serve people by entertaining them during the day, but at night they become horrific. Your objective is to avoid encountering Freddy and his friends for five consecutive days.

Five Nights At Freddy’s boasts high-quality graphics that enhance the gameplay experience.

09. A Place, Forbidden (Best Horror Games on Steam)

A Place, Forbidden is a first-person horror puzzle and free-to-play video game. It takes place in the Library of Ouroboros, a place that is rumored to have knowledge that isn’t meant for the eyes of mere mortals. Things get interesting when players awaken to find themselves in the library. As you search the library to find clues about how you got there, you will find yourself engulfed by a puzzling atmosphere, to regain your sanity, reading the forbidden knowledge can help.

Exploring this piece is bread and butter for people who are intrigued by scary libraries and existential terror.

10. Ann

The foremost way to end the horror games list is by adding a free-to-play game. Ann the video game is a captivating horror RPG that centers on Ann, a digital arts student who accidentally got herself trapped in her school as a penalty after breaking one of the school rules. Her journey revolves around gathering pieces of evidence and unfolding the school’s secrets to break free. And who better help her? The school’s security guard.

Ann the video game takes place in 2D with pixelated graphics, however, the game’s design exploits the vibrant color scheme and environment, allowing for a delightful gameplay session.

Conclusion: Best Horror Games on Steam

Horror games provide the thrill that even action games can’t. While there are hundreds of charming horror games on Steam, these enlisted games are some of the best you could find after digging through the entire horror game genre. Be it an indie fan or a horror-adventure enthusiast, these games land to people’s expectations.

If you find yourself melting in pleasure as you are immersing in these games and want to discover more, make sure to comment in the dedicated comments section or on Facebook and Instagram to receive quick updates.

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