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Dark Souls III Network Test Giving Eligible Players Trouble

Dark Souls III’s network test is upon us. Starting October 16th and ending on the 18th, we have mere moments until we can sink our teeth into this delicious specimen… Except that many people – myself included – are facing difficulties when registering for the test.

Some users are reporting that despite getting chosen for the test, they were given no option to even register their PSN ID. An act that would presumably ensure that they’ve been properly registered for the network test.

Furthermore, many other users and I have been told our entry codes are already used, meaning we can’t actually enter them on Playstation Network to download the client.

After some scouring the internet for answers, it seems clear that anyone who downloaded the client when Namco Bandai accidentally released it a few weeks ago has essentially bricked their codes.
Whether these issues will leave eligible players out of the upcoming beta remains to be seen, but with no acknowledgement from From Software or Namco Bandai, it seems like we’ll have to wait until Friday to find out for ourselves.


The official Dark Souls Facebook page has released a statement about one of the issues listed in this article. Here is the quote in full.

“Selection emails have been sent to participants of the upcoming Dark Souls III Network Stress Test. Recipients who have been chosen to participate should get instructions to register their PlayStation Network name. That will be necessary to participate in the Test.

If you have downloaded the client previously, you may get an error when using the code provided, that is expected. Just be sure to register your PlayStation Network name.”

If we receive any other information it will be posted here.

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