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Character Action Games: Most Influential Video Games To Play

Character Action Games

What are the character action games? Some video games don’t elaborate on the backgrounds of the characters. This is not okay, for most video games enhancing the lore matters the most. But the video games on this list are all about character-driven action. The games rely on characters to display action, not the opposite. Now it’s time to check them out and see for yourself if they match the description.

10. The Legend of Zelda

Link is the brave protagonist of The Legend of Zelda, he is from the Hylian race and always has a green cap on his head. Nonetheless, he appears in all of the video games from the franchise with different backgrounds, personalities, and abilities. He wields a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Link’s journey is about eliminating evil forces and saving his country Hyrule from every danger.

To begin with, the changes in his characters set the direction of the video game. The franchise is dependent on his behavior. Most fantasy games use Link as the perfect inspiration for their characters. He also appears as a cameo in the comics and different video games.

09. Hitman Series

Gamers know how cool Agent 47 is, he is an assassin who never fails to eliminate his target. Just when people thought, his time was over, it was time for new video games to take the spotlight, he strikes back again.

The Hitman or Agent 47 has a barcode on his back, that reveals he is a result of a project that creates genetically empowered assassins. Furthermore, he is a clone that was made from the DNA of the deadly notorious criminals in the world. Agent 47’s long run as the hitman has improved his character, he cares for his allies.

08. Super Metroid

Metroid is the franchise that elaborates on the adventure of Samus Aran, who wears a humanoid power suit and her primary objective is to hunt down space pirates and eliminate Metroids.

The Metroid has come a long way, so the characters have when the video game was announced people thought Samus Aran would be a strong male lead. But her screen time and cameo roles in multiple video games showcase how strongly and character-driven Metroid the series is.

07. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is a video game and film series that focuses on the journey of Lara Croft through different biomes, maps, and mysteries. The series started with video games and after the success, several films and TV shows were made, some of them are still under development.

Lara is an archeologist, who is always eager for a thrilling journey to unexplored regions. Furthermore, her adventure involves dangerous routes, solving puzzles using her sharp brain, and landing some hand-to-hand combats. The character design of Lara Craft inspires many video games, to the point where some replicate her personality and nature with no visible change.

06. John Marston

Red Dead Redemption 2, in short RDR2, is a Western-themed video game developed by Rockstar Games. The video game has a total of 2 parts as of now. The video game is about Arthur Morgan and John Marston. Both are outlaws who are on the run from the government.

Unlike other video games from Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption pays attention to the preceding characters from previous installments, such as “John Marston” who was the protagonist from Red Dead Redemption. For most John Marston is the role model of a perfect video game character while others say Arthur Morgan is better. But we can’t deny that RDR2 is another masterpiece from Rockstar video games.

05. Metal Gear

Metal Gear is a strong character action video game, where Solid Snake, a former spy, doesn’t hesitate to take danger upfront. Moreover, the video game features quick-paced combat, fluid mechanics, and with compelling plot, which most gamers rate highly.

Solid Snake is not just any soldier, he is a clone of renowned soldiers Big Boss, Liquid Snake, and Solidus Snake. Provided that, Solid Snake has an IQ of 180, Snake can perform stealth attacks, do parkour, and turn any pinch moment to come out victorious. His character left a tremendous influence on the gaming world.

04. Uncharted Franchise

The tales of Nathan Drake are popular because of the Uncharted series. Nathan is an archaeologist, who travels across the globe to uncover various secrets and myths.

The video game has character action similar to that of the infamous Indiana Jones and the legend James Bond. Nathan’s adventure is not easy, he goes through different hardships, and in the end, he leaves a strong impression on the gamers. Uncharted is divided into 4 different video games, with different stories respectively. Nathan isn’t the only character from the Uncharted franchise who gets the recognition. But he is the protagonist and we mostly get to play from his perspective.

03. The Last of Us (A Deserved Place in Best Character Action Games)

Ellie is one of the primary characters from the world of The Last of Us. She is not any average character, she is immune to a fungal infection that turns humans into deadly creatures. She started as an average teenager, with no combat experience and with a foul mouth.

Ellie learns how to use weapons and survive from her mentor and friend Joel Miller, who is also the protagonist of The Last of Us. She drives the story from start to end and is one of the most popular characters made by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley.

02. Devil May Cry Series (One of The Best Character Action Games)

Dante is half human and half Demon, he is the son of Sparda, a Demon who rebelled against his kind. As the son of Sparda, Dante inherited his father’s power. Dante also has a special power that enhances his abilities and changes him into a stronger version of himself.

Dante displays himself as a deadly hunter in the whole Devil May Cry series. The franchise leans on him way too much, and he drives the story as he wants. We also have seen him grow from a young boy to a refined young man.

01. God of War Series: (Undeniably of the Best Character Action Games)

Kratos is the Greek and Norse God, who was bestowed the title The God of War. He is reckless, short-tempered, and unconditionally immortal. His character grew throughout the years, from the god with an angry demeanor to a calm old man.

Moreover, the influence this fictional character has on video games is not surprising. The God of War is the root of Video Games that feature gods or demigods as the protagonist. The game also had multiple installments and it is not taking any breaks whatsoever. We have more to see from the God of War franchise in the future.

Conclusion: Character Action Games

How did we rank all these character action games? Could there have been better contenders? To understand all this check our list thoroughly and you will find at least one common thing in all these characters, it is the connection to a franchise. These all are some humongous titles, and throughout the years we have constantly seen them renew in different forms and settings. We know these games better than a game that was released yesterday.

This was our list of character action games, what do you think of it? Please share your thoughts below we are looking forward to reading your perspectives on these video games and the list in general.

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