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Bloodborne Wallpapers: Exclusive Released

Bloodborne Wallpapers

VgamerZ presents a set of five exclusive Bloodborne wallpapers in high definition portraying various landscapes and events in the upcoming game. All these images were originally captured from game trailers released by From Software, it’s not fan or concept art – it’s actually in-game content and I am sure you will enjoy each of them!

Note: Click on the image to open the full size (1920×1080) and download it on your computer. From there on, you can set each image as your Wallpaper. Alternately, just click the image to open it in full size, right-click the image and select “Set as Desktop Background”.

Bloodborne 1
Bloodborne wallpapers

Bloodborne 3
Bloodborne 4
Bloodborne 5

Which of these Bloodborne wallpapers is your favorite?

In a subreddit, TaiMaiWine describes his story as below;

Wallpapers were collected by me for a long time. Some have insanely high resolution while others are meh. (But tbh, I don’t think anyone stares at their desktop for fun) Credits to the like 90 artists that made these pictures.

Bloodborne Wallpapers

Side Note: I have a even bigger dump of random Bloodborne Pictures (some funny/cute, some dark/grim) If you guys want me to post that let me know.

EDIT: So looks like I’ll upload my big dump of random BB photos tomorrow.
A lot of them will be phone wallpaper size-ish, (didn’t include them in this album since my definition of “wallpaper” limits to desktop only) and others will just plain outfit absolutely nowhere! (You can have fun staring at them for a long time though -cough-Zan-cough-)

EDIT2: I can’t even load the damn album on my computer anymore. My computer just says “Fuck you” and crashes the page. The moment when even my phone runs faster than my computer.


He also states that;

It took me a while to get it when I first saw it since I was a bit distracted by the really big eyes on the hunter

Glad to know you liked them :D

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  • Syx
    Posted November 19, 2016 at 11:58 pm

    Very Cool Wallpapers here! Nice work!!!
    : )

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