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Best games to make money: according to user reviews

Best games to make money

Have you ever thought about generating money while having fun? Money-making games are a dream for many users.  See best games to make money according to user reviews and which ones allow you to earn money on Paypal.

Games that give money don’t pay much, it’s true. But, you can make some extra money while having fun and then even transfer that money to Paypal.

The main ways of earning are the game’s own digital currencies, and while some games only offer the possibility of converting them into gift cards, other games give real money.

Thus, payment in cash, in general, takes place via PayPal (as we have already mentioned) after an amount is accumulated, when the player is drawn or wins a prize with an online scratch card.

That is, although many people do not believe it, it is possible to make real money in online games! And, if you also want to make this extra income in your leisure time, you need to know the best options that we have brought you in this list.

Best apps to make real money this year

Luck games apps

One of the most popular games to earn money, and are luck games. There are so many trusted sites or apps that offer such games.

Make Money

The second option on our list is free and can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store.

To make extra money with Make Money, you need to test games and applications, giving opinions about products and services, much like online and opinion polls that also give money.


Just like the previous one, appKarma is free, but it’s only available for the Android operating system.

With the same earning model as the previous one, rewards are offered for completing activities within the platform, but you can also earn money by referring new users. In addition, it is worth remembering that the earned amounts can be redeemed via PayPal.

Big Time Cash

The system of this application is different from those already presented. In it, players win tickets to participate in sweepstakes by playing in the app. In sweepstakes, part of the app’s ad revenue is shared with one lucky winner.

This system is a two-way street, as it’s good because when you win, it will be a higher prize than other cash games (some prizes are $1,000), while the app will cash in on your engagement and views.

Another good news is that Big Time has versions in other languages, which helps in its usability by players from non-English speaking countries and, in addition, many users’ comments report that the app also offers the most fun games today.

Does Big Time really pay? Yes. In general, Big Time does pay, albeit through sweepstakes. There are some specific cases and complaints from some users, but they are nothing compared to the thousands of positive reviews.

Feature Points

This app boasts of having already paid out nearly 6 million dollars in prizes to its users.

To earn money playing online with Feature Points, you can, in addition to playing games, answer surveys and test other apps.

Points accumulated in the app can be redeemed for gift cards at stores such as Amazon, Nike, Steam, Ebay or withdrawn in the form of cash via PayPal. And, in addition to earning money playing, you can also enjoy coupons and cashback at partner stores in the app.


Quizdom is a question and answer game. There are 19 categories such as geography, entertainment, language, music and science.

It also rewards players with coins that can be exchanged for gift cards or real money, however, many users report little game offer and difficulty adding up to the minimum amount.

Lucky Cash

LuckyCash made our list of the best money-making games last, but it already has a lot of fans. Even from the users’ comments, it is possible to see that the rewards and activities are interesting.

In practice, the app and its scratch cards allow to win free prizes; you don’t have to pay anything to download LuckyCash.

As you depend on luck for scratch cards, you can make money online right now if you feel lucky.

Fun Tap

FunTap is currently not available to download and join. However, we kept it on our list because some users remain active and it may work again for new players.

To earn money playing on FunTap, simply follow the app’s game recommendations. Each participation has a value of points that, added together, are worth real money.

Thus, the accumulated amounts can be withdrawn via PayPal or used as an Amazon gift card. To add to these bonuses, the user can, in addition to playing games, watch videos, complete surveys and test new applications.

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