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8 Beautiful Minutes Of Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay-vGamerz

With Paris Games Week going on right now, many people were hoping to see more on Horizon Zero Dawn, the new IP by Guerrilla Games.

It is a highly anticipated title that seems to have an incredible amount of potential, and I practically begged for more after such teases at E3 and Gamescom this year.

To those who hoped or prayed, here are eight minutes of uncut gameplay with some great commentary.



The first thing I have to mention is how breathtaking the visuals are in Horizon.  Sprawling landscapes, hulking beasts the size of houses, and an open world that looks, as of now, very realistically created. The technical side of the graphics is also something noteworthy, as this might be the best-looking game I’ve seen in a long time.

It is also really impressive that they are doing a very creative and unique twist on the already tired trend of the post-apocalypse as a setting. Rather than boring, bland wastelands of nothingness, we have beautiful vistas filled to the brim with bizarre and fascinating fauna and flora. Rather than having typical bandits and raiders with guns, we have warring clans in a tribal setting where your primary weapon is a spear.

As bonus, here is the Story Board trailer Sony released shortly after. It is a great, albeit short, insight into how storyboards transition into final products.

I am finding it very hard not to board the hype train at a brisk pace. I am burnt out on open-world games, but this just might be the one that gets me back into the fray.

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