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3D Realms Returns with a Pretty Epic Anthology

3D Realms

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas for all the gamers out there with great bundles making their way to our already crowded HDDs. Following yesterday’s impressive LotR bundle, today we have a truly epic one coming from… 3D Realms!

Yup, the company’s back again and they make a real sweet comeback by releasing (almost) all their games into one anthology. The 3D Realms Anthology / Bundle comes with 32 games and reading the titles makes me really nostalgic. Probably, if you’re 30-ish and above, you’ll feel the same! It’s like re-living your childhood, so check out the amazing titles offered by 3D Realms in their epic anthology:

  • Arctic Adventure
  • Bio Menace
  • Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
  • Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy
  • Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons
  • Math Rescue
  • Monster Bash
  • Mystic Towers
  • Paganitzu
  • Monuments of Mars
  • Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure
  • Crystal Caves
  • Death Rally
  • Alien Carnage
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Major Stryker
  • Blake Stone: Planet Strike
  • Realms of Chaos
  • Pharaoh’s Tomb
  • Word Rescue
  • Secret Agent
  • Raptor: Call of the Shadows
  • Terminal Velocity
  • Wacky Wheels
  • Stargunner
  • Shadow Warrior
  • Wolfenstein 3D
  • Rise of the Triad: Dark War
  • Duke Nukem
  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem 3D
  • Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

I am really unsure how successful this anthology would be for the modern gamer and especially for those who didn’t play these games when they originally came out, and I do believe that most of them would feel pretty strange. But I would never say no to a round of Death Rally, some insane Commander Keen levels, completing Blake Stone again… without mentioning the obvious Duke Nukems and Wolfensteins and Shadow Warriors and so on. Really, all these game in this anthology make me want to relive my childhood. Which I probably will pretty soon!

If you want to do it too, the 3D Realms Games Anthology is available for just $20 over on their official website. That’s a piece of extremely valuable history, folks!

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