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YouTube Gaming Clips: This Week On Episode 2 “Accessories”

This Week On

Dear fans, welcome back to “This Week On”! The YouTube series that brings together the three best epic, funny, and fail clips from gamers around the internet! Whether it makes you laugh-out-loud or face-palm, there’s nothing better than watching a funny meme or amazing gameplay.

This week is all about Accessories! From knives in Modern Warfare to grappling guns in Apex Legends, this week’s clips are all about what tool you use to grab the victory or die trying.

Let’s break down the clips together and vote which one you think is best!

da’ haus

To start off this week, the 90’s are in “da’ haus” because we’re talking fanny packs…and if fanny packs are cool again, consider me Miles Davis. Our first clip is in Modern Warfare, which they should change to “Fashion Warfare” because our player’s fanny is strapped and packed so equatorially he’s like Clark Griswold at Walley World. Our packer-in-chief racks up 11 consecutive knife kills back-to-back. He’s got so many knives packed away, he could play for the Green Bay Packers. Consider him the PACKman Jones of Modern Warfare, however his momentum flames out quickly as he’s finally shot dead — but talk about going out in a blaze of glory.


Next up, our second clip is Fortnight. Our player’s got his opponent cornered behind the bannister of a stately blue Victorian home. He gets in a few shots through the window, when he decides his assault rifle is not enough firepower. Why not bring out the BIG guns? So out of his pack comes an RPG! With a quick reload, he’s confident in his assured victory over his prey when — BOOM — he’s killed by the explosive backlash of an unperturbed teapot lying casually on the table. Safe to say our Victorian window creeper is no longer in the finest of fettle. Time to pack-up and move back to the lobby!

Apex Legends

Our third and last clip is in Apex Legends. With loot inbound, our overconfident Pathfinder sends out his grappling hook like Batman escaping into the night. He’s sent flying at Mach 10 in an attempt to beat his teammates to the destination. As he’s careening towards his prize, he linedrives face first into the descending loot drop. SMACK! Game over! Should have thought that one through.

Check out the video and let’s hear your thoughts. New episodes are released every Thursday 11am PST (2pm EST).


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