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Xbox One App Update for Windows 10 Brings Game Streaming, Party Chat and More

Microsoft is always trying to unite all of their users across their operating system and taking advantage of usage of similar OS on console and PC. With Windows 10 release approaching, Microsoft have updated their Xbox One app to allow users of the app to stream their games on their PCs alongside other features that are new available for usage.

“We’re taking the game streaming function on Xbox One, as announced last month, out of preview and expanding it to everyone who owns an Xbox One and has a PC or tablet with Windows 10. This means you can play the great library of games you’ve built for Xbox One on your Windows 10 PCs when you’re not in front of your console.”

There is various improvements done on the app and new features introduced. They are listed below:

  • Party chat is now enabled, allowing users to chat with multiple friends at the same time;
  • The app will automatically detect Windows Store games and include them under the ‘My Games’ tab – even a number of older, non-Store games will be added;
  • The Home tab has been improved, which provides easy access to game streaming, recently played games and also shows you a number of featured games for better discovery;
  • You can now change your Avatar or gamerpic, along with a host of other options, under the Customize tab; and
  • Sharing clips and screenshots of your virtual adventures has been made easier.
  • New and simplified introduction to new users of the app

The Xbox One app update is a good move by Microsoft and its effect will be noticed in a short while but it is predictable that it will please everyone who uses the app. ( Credit: Neowin )

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