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WWE 13 Characters List (Complete List of Characters!)

I am sure I am not the only one highly anticipating the launch of WWE 13 later this year, and until then we can only make the wait a bit easier by checking out the impressive characters list and imagine just how great it will be to have access to play as any of the following amazing characters.

So check out the WWE 13 Characters List below and prepare to be amazed because we’re talking about no less than 102 wrestlers here!

WWE Superstars:

1. Alberto Del Rio
2. Big Show (Modern Day Attire)
3. Booker T
4. Brock Lesnar
5. Brodus Clay
6. CM Punk
7. Chris Jericho (Modern Day Attire)
8. Christian (Modern Day Attire)
9. Cody Rhodes
10. Curt Hawkins
11. Damien Sandow (DLC)
12. Daniel Bryan
13. David Otunga
14. Diesel
15. Dolph Ziggler
16. Drew Mcintyre
17. Epico
18. Heath Slater
19. Hunico
20. Jack Swagger
21. Jake Roberts
22. Jey Uso
23. Jimmy Uso
24. Jinder Mahal
25. John Cena
26. Johnny Curtis
27. JTG
28. Justin Gabriel
29. Kane (Modern Day Attire)
30. Kevin Nash
31. Kofi Kingston
32. Mark Henry (Modern Day Attire)
33. Paul London
34. Primo
35. R-Truth
36. Randy Orton
37. Resurrected Kane
38. Rey Mysterio
39. Ryback
40. Santino Marella
41. Sheamus
42. Shelton Benjamin
43. Sin Cara
44. Sting
45. Ted DiBiase
46. The Boogeyman
47. The Great Khali
48. The Miz
49. Titus O’Niel
50. Trent Barretta
51. The Rock (Modern Day Attire)
52. Triple H (Modern Day Attire)
53. Undertaker (Modern Day Attire)
54. Wade Barrett
55. Zack Ryder

WWE Divas:

56. AJ Lee (DLC)
57. Alicia Fox
58. Beth Phoenix
59. Brie Bella
60. Eve
61. Kelly Kelly
62. Kharma
63. Lita
64. Nikki Bella

WWF Superstars:

65. Andre The Giant
66. Animal
67. Big Bossman
68. Big Show (Attitude Era Attire)
69. Bad Ass Billy Gunn
70. Bret Hart
71. British Bulldog
72. Christian (Attitude Era Attire)
73. Dusty Rhodes
74. Eddie Guerrero
75. Edge
76. Godfather
77. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
78. Hawk
79. Hulk Hogan
80. Jerry Lawler
81. Justin Roberts
82. Kane (Attitude Era Attire)
83. Ken Shamrock
84. Mike Tyson
85. Million Dollar Man
86. Mr. McMahon
87. Ric Flair
88. Road Dogg Jesse James
89. Roddy Piper
90. Shane McMahon
91. Shawn Michaels
92. Stone Cold Steve Austin
93. The Rock (Attitude Era Attire)
94. Triple H (Attitude Era Attire)
95. Undertaker (Attitude Era Attire)
96. Vader
97. X-Pac
98. Yokozuna
99. Mick Foley (Catcus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind)

WWF Divas:

100. Lita
101. Stephaine McMahon
102. Trish Stratus

We have a great mix of classics and new wrestlers, but I would’ve loved to see a bit more female wrestlers added to the mix. However, we can’t complain with the numbers, don’t you agree?



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