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Watch Dogs: Chicago Will Be Access Free and NPC Profiling Events Will Be Endless

Watch Dogs Minimum System Requirements

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs creative director, Jonathan Morin, unveiled another set of features regarding map access and open world missions. Apparently, Chicago will be totally free of access and players won’t need to unlock any districts in order to explore them. However, as Morin explained, certain zones might need monitoring at times.

@Design_Cave: Hello! Do we need to unlock districts in the game before entering them, just like GTA? :-)
@Jonathan Morin: No, Chicago is free of access like a normal city. But you need to work to monitor it all…

A huge feature coming to Watch Dogs is the NPC profiling system, which will allow Aiden Pearce to accurately predict certain events like murders and outrages. To generate random profiling events, players just have to walk around and monitor people that pass by. This system will be mainly continuous, since the generic types of profiling will always be running. However, specific events will be limited and restricted, as Morin stated:

@Hurricane4343: People under impression that npc profiling leading to event is not endless? will npc events always happen in free roam?
@Jonathan Morin: Certain types are endless (Potential Crimes & Various Online Stuff) while others aren’t. So the short answer is YES.

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