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Tyranny Cheats: Codes and Console Commands

Tyranny is that RPG that fans of the genre have been eagerly anticipating (maybe without even knowing it) for a long while now. The game brings back all the great stuff of classic top down RPGs, feeding our hack & slashing hunger with excellent food. And we’re here to help make that experience a lot easier for you by sharing a bunch of Tyranny cheats: console commands that you can use at any given time in the game to gain advantages.

It seems that modern games have also forgotten about this great method of making the game better (for some) and easier for most: cheat codes. But fortunately Obsidian did everything they could in order to deliver the full experience and this includes the welcome console commands that help you cheat in the game.

So without further ado, here are the Tyranny console commands you can use to cheat your way through the game:

(please note that many console commands listed by other players don’t actually work, which is a shame, but the ones below are guaranteed to work)

First, activate the cheats console by pressing the tilde (~) key, which is usually the key to the left of the 1 key on most keyboards.

Then, write iRoll20s and press Enter. This basically activates the cheats console (and if you want to deactivate it at a future time, simply type iRoll20s again and press Enter).

Now type the console commands as instructed below to get the indicated advantage or effect:

additem money_01_ir XX – adds XX iron rings (just write any number you wish)
additem money_01_cr XX – adds XX copper rings
additem money_01_br XX – adds XX bronze rings
addexperience XX – gives all party members XX additional experience points
god – party becomes unkillable (type again and press enter to disable)
healparty – completely heals all party members and restores stamina
unlockall – opens all containers on the map
rest – restore all encounter abilities without using camping supplies
nofog – turn off fog of war

These are the console commands that we have tested and found to be working in Tyranny. If you manage to find others that work, please share them with us in the comment section below (and don’t forget to let us know what each one actually does!)

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