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Top 10 Apps for IOS about Drone simulators and aviation gadgets

Top 10 Apps for IOS about Drone simulators and aviation gadgets

Drone simulators and aviation gadgets

Being a drone and RC aviation gadgets enthusiast, I know Drone simulators and aviation gadgets are important to know.  makes me want to know all about these devices. I often fly drones and RC helicopters, and I have to tell you, it is an experience like no other. However, drones can be a bit pricey devices, and in order to not risk your investment, it is a good idea to try a few simulators to experience if having a drone or an RC helicopter is what you want.

There is some very advanced software out there, and these as well may represent a big investment. This is why I have compiled a list of ten apps for IOS users so that you can experience the flight of a drone and other aviation gadgets.

You’ll be glad to know that all of these apps have free or Lite versions, and, in most cases, the full experience can be unlocked for less than 5 USD.

As I mentioned, there is nothing like flying a real drone or another aviation gadget, but Drone simulators apps will give you a good idea of what it is like to do so. Also, I’ve included a few ones that will not only help you experience the aerodynamics but also, will give you a few missions with missiles and enemies to turn down.

Let’s go straight to the list

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did try every app here.

1. Drone simulator: Shadow Strike

Drone simulatorThis is an amazing drone game that will challenge you to locate targets and destroy them. Completing the missions won’t come easy, since multiple targets will move at the same time and you’ll have to avoid these targets to complete their own plans.

The look of the app is very friendly, and you’ll be able to fire bullets and missiles by just tapping your screen. Also, you have an aerial view of the whole area and you’ll be able to explore each section by dragging your finger over.

The goal is to move through the missions and accomplish as many as possible, as you progress in the game. There are in-app purchases available for you to upgrade your defense and attack.

This for sure is one of the apps that I enjoyed the most, and I am sure you’ll do too.

2. RC Drone – Quadcopter

RC Drone simulator- QuadcopterThis is one of the most basic drone simulators that I found. Graphics aren’t fancy at all, and from what I was able to see, there is only one drone model to choose from. However, what really caught my attention are the aerodynamics and the controls of the drone.

There is also a button for switching your camera angle, and you can even practice piloting your drone using FPV (First Person View). Also, before starting the flight simulation, there are a few settings you adjust to determine the controls’ sensitivity.

Once the simulation is launched, you are presented with two sticks, left and right, to control throttle and yaw; and pitch and roll, respectively.

This app does not seem to have any special missions or goals, rather is just an easy-to-use simulator for honing your piloting skills.

Once you feel comfortable with your piloting skills, it is time to go for the real deal, and for that, my best recommendation is to start with a cheap drone for beginners so that you can rapidly escalate your RC aviation gadgets experience.

3. Save Dallas Drone Simulator for flight

Save Dallas Drone Simulator for flightSave Dallas is one of those apps that won’t make you feel in love with it because of its graphics, but the game-play is very entertaining and super addictive.

Here you’ll start piloting a US Air Force Hunter Drone model. Each time you start a mission, you’ll have to defeat enemies which will be marked on your radar.

These enemies will attack you as well, and your goal is to terminate them before they do the same to you. You have several types of ammunition available to accomplish this.

You have to be fast, as you have a limited amount of fuel and shield, so if enough enemies attack you, the mission can be failed.

The music really adds to the game-play, and what I liked the most about this game is that you control the drone by moving your iPhone or iPad to define the direction that the drone should follow.

In-app purchases can be made, and this will help you unlock more drone models and upgrade to the one you started with.

This has become one of my favorite drone games, and I invite you to give it a try and Save Dallas.

4. Drone Simulator

Drone SimulatorThis is another good simulator for the physics and dynamics of drones. Again, a very basic scenario, but very good in terms of the controls you have to move the drone.

The free version comes with three different flight scenarios, a park, a factory, and some hills, and in all of them, the main goal is to score points while passing through some rings.

You’ll be able to control your drone using two sticks, to control throttle and yaw; and pitch and roll.

There are some in-app purchases you can make to unlock different drone models. What is really interesting here is that every drone has its own speed, pitch, yaw, roll, and hover settings, so this really gives you a good training tool for you to hone your skills.

As I said, don’t let the graphics and basic surroundings of this app make you think you are not in front of really great software.

5. Quadcopter Drone Simulator 3D

Quadcopter Drone Simulator 3DThe reason why I selected this simulator is that it involves photography. The game starts with a quadcopter flying, having to photograph certain spots of the city (not your city but the one programmed into the game. You’ll have an aerial view of the zone, and precision is the skill you’ll master here.

At the moment of this review, there are nine different quadcopter models, and like in the others, you start with the one that is free, and the others can be unlocked by earning stars, which can be traded for other drones and upgrades to each model parameters.

Like I mentioned, your goal is to photograph certain spots of the city, which will be evaluated and this will earn you battery charges, and more stars. One piece of advice here is to be careful to not hit your drone while taking photos, or your quad will get damaged, and with enough damage, the drone will crash.

Give it a try and let me know your comments.

6. 3D Infinite Airplane Flight – Free Plane Race

3D Infinite Airplane Flight - Free Plane RaceThis is a very cool title, and the gameplay is very enjoyable as well. 3D Infinite Airplane Flight is an app where you have to move your airplane from left to right on the screen to avoid hitting other planes in the air.

You can’t fire or anything to the other planes, but you have to tilt your phone to avoid the impact. Every time you get farther in a level, your score will be higher and your name will appear listed in the leader boards.

Also, in order to unlock other airplane models and avoid ads (which I think is the downside of this app, too many ads), you can do some in-app purchases and expand your experience.

The more you score, the harder it gets, since more airplanes will appear and speed can be increased as well.

Very fun, entertaining, and addictive gameplay, worth giving it a shot.

7. Defend London– Drone simulators

Defend LondonThis is another great app you can get fun from. Your iPhone will be transformed into a controller to move an airplane and thus avoid and fire enemies.

On your screen, you can see a radar (to locate enemies), your speed, life level, and some arrows that will help you control the airplane.

Also, the aircraft will respond to the movements you do with your iPhone, so again, this game makes use of the gyros integrated into your device and thus enhance your experience as a pilot.

The Lite version comes with just one scenario, but in the full (paid) version you can get up to 36 different levels and defend London from the air or on the ground.

Like I said, very enjoyable game.

8. F18 Iron Aircraft – Drone simulators

F18 Iron AircraftAnother amazing app to have countless fun on your iPhone. This is very similar to the 3D Infinity Airplane Flight one, but in this case, you won’t lose when you crash with another airplane. Instead, what happens is that you have a hard hit and your aircraft is slowed down.

The goal in the game is to get as far as you can, and this is achieved by recharging a timer on the screen that gets restarted every time you get to a checkpoint.

Also, and when you get enough power to do so, you can hit airplanes and actually destroy them, which is a different feature from the app I previously mentioned.

The way you manage your airplane is by tapping the screen on the left or right side depending on where you want to move. You have to dodge these obstacles before the time runs up.

On this app as well you can do some in-app purchases to unlock additional features of the game and cancel ads.

9. Fighter 3D – Drone simulators

Fighter 3DThis is a very similar game to Defend London, but the main change is that you combat using a jet fighter. This as well is a game where you have to accomplish a series of missions.

The main goal is to turn down your enemies according to the specifications given at the start of each mission. You have a radar on the screen where you’ll be able to locate enemies and find them if necessary.

You can switch as well between weapons, and attack enemies with a variety of ammunition. You also have to be careful not to crash the jet and thus fail the mission.

The jet as well is controlled using the gyroscopes incorporated in your iPhone, so depending on how you move your device, the jet will respond likewise.

10. Drone GP 15

This is the last drone app I have for you at this time, and let me tell you something, you won’t regret trying this one.

Drone racing is one of the fascinating things you can do with a quadcopter, and this simulator is all about speed, agility, fast turns, and finishing as the number one.

The gameplay is very entertaining, and you start with a drone that will race against the other three. As you race, a big arrow appears to tell you the direction you have to follow.

Also, there are certain spots of the race track that you have to go through, and if you miss these ones you’ll have to go back and make sure you pass these checkpoints. It is important to say that as you go back, other drones can pass you and end up in the last place.

In order to control the drone, you have two joysticks that are used for the vertical and horizontal moves of the drone. Besides being a great drone racing simulator, it also serves to give you a good idea of how a drone is controlled when using a real remote transmitter.

Definitely worth a check!

OK, so what should I do now?

There are a few things I’d like to recommend to you after reading this list.

First (and kind of obvious), do try these drone simulators about drones and aviation gadgets. I think you’re going to have a blast of fun and enjoy trying each one of these. As I mentioned, each one of these drone simulators apps was handpicked by me from a bigger list of games available for IOS.

Also, I and my friends at would like to know your comments about this list, and hopefully, you can add a line or two in the comments section to enrich the conversation. Don’t forget to push the social buttons on this page to let other people know about these great drone simulators.

Last but not least, pat yourself on the back, you just read a 2000+ word post, the equivalent of 5+ pages of a word document. Good work!

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