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TGS 2014 Bloodborne Trailer Was Born From Nightmares

Bloodborne Wallpapers


Tokyo Game Show is happening right now, and with Japan’s best at the show, it’s no surprise that Bloodborne has received new gameplay, watch Bloodborne trailer. Comprised of entirely new gameplay footage, the trailer is full of gothic horrors, creatures spawned from the pits of hell, and bloody, visceral combat that looks more impressive each time it’s shown. You have all you need to get hyped.

This is not all, however, as FromSoftware has released the first images of the Collector’s Edition. What’s more, the game is coming to North America on February 6, 2015.

Here’s the Bloodbone trailer in its entirety.

Every time we see Bloodborne in action, it surpasses expectations that were built using previous teases. The game never ceases to both excite and terrify me, and every moment is rife with material that even the best in horror fiction would strive for.

Review about Bloodborne Trailer

Wassn Soun said in his review on Youtube, “Another FromSoftware dark, masterpiece awaits!!! Hopefully, it’s not the same co-op style as in Demons/Dark Souls. I would just like to join and help my friends as I please lol”

ISetYourFaceOnFire reviewed and said, “As always….anything Miyazaki touches doesn’t need hype. The proof that it’ll be great is right here. Quite beautifully terrifying by the amount of enemies that the character was fighting. I mean they were huge.”

Guybrush Threepwood remarked, “Sony had another treat for Bloodborne PS4 fans as Cyberland has reported that Bloodborne PS4 would run at 1080p 60fps as FROM software has made some significant improvements to the game engine allowing them to surpass their target 30fps gameplay.” Thank you, FROM Software, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.”

Scarecrow Metal commented, “Oh my goodness gracious is that a hammer I saw? YES, I was worried hammers would not appear in the Bloodborne trailer. GIVE ME THIS GAME NOW! FromSoftware is easily the best dev company today; their games are pure art…poetry…and music put together.”



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