PS Plus, Games With Gold Freebies For June 2016


With May coming to an end, it is once again time to celebrate free games with the latest batch of PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold picks for the month of June. However, I think the celebration this month might be a bit hampered as the offerings are possibly the least interesting that they’ve been in months.

These are your PlayStation freebies for June – this time without a trailer because reasons.


  • NBA 2K16 – PS4
  • Gone Home: Console Edition – PS4
  • Echochrome – PS3
  • Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12) – PS3
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus – PSP, PS Vita
  • Little Deviants – PS Vita

While I don’t want to come off as overly negative, this month is quite lazy from my perspective. For huge sports fans, most of you will probably already own NBA 2K16, but as it is a very solid game, it’s cool for those who missed it. Gone Home, while entertaining, failed to capture me as it divulged into preachy territory, abandoning what I considered to be the most interesting aspects that it began with.

None of the other titles are bad per se, it’s just that they’re games most of us already have. Little Deviants was one of the only launch titles for Vita, and Echochrome was one of the most interesting PlayStation Network titles when it arrived years ago.

That said, if you missed the boat you should feel entertained with such a diverse offering.

And without further adieu, these are the Games with Gold freebies for June.

    • Goat Simulator  – Xbox One
    • The Crew  – Xbox One
    • Super Meat Boy  – Xbox 360
    • XCOM Enemy Unknown – Xbox 360

For those of you who felt that Grid 2 from last month lacked a huge open world to explore with friends, The Crew should feel right at home if you don’t already own it. I’ve neglected it for far too long, so this is actually my favourite freebie from Microsoft this month.

Ending the list with a game as phenomenal as XCOM or a game as crushingly difficult as Super Meat Boy, you should be in for a treat if you somehow them thus far.

NBA 2K16 Small Forward Build: How to Build the Best SF

NBA 2K16 small forward build

The perfect NBA 2K16 small forward build is one of the trickiest jobs. This is one of the most demanding positions in the field. One that would require you to have great stats in all areas: you have to be a great shooter, you must be able to control the ball, to defend, to rebound… everything! That’s crazy because we all know that you can’t really max out everything in the video game, so when you are in the process of NBA 2K16 Small Forward build, you’ll have to specialize your guy and agree to let a few things go away. But I have what I think is the best NBA 2K16 Small Forward for your MyCareer, so check it out as I had great results with it (I love playing Small Forward and this is what I play with right now!)

So without further ado, let’s build our future NBA 2K16 small forward. We have to start with smart choices when it comes to player creation:

Important Aspect of NBA 2K16 Small Forward

The most important aspect when creating your Small Forward in the game is choosing the right height. I would recommend going for 6’8″ or even 6’7″ for a bit higher potential stats, but nothing lower, nothing higher. I would recommend 6’8″ though since you get some extra height and the stat caps are still solid. The weight should be between 225 – 230, so you are strong enough not to get pushed away too easily, but not too bulky to be too slow. What matters a lot here is to max out the wingspan and increase or even max out the shoulder width as this will really give you the advantage in the games. Set your player to be an Outside scorer since that’s where you’ll be getting most of your points!

Now that you’ve chosen the proper height, it’s time to start improving your player’s skills. The Jump Shooter category is the obvious one to invest in early on, so max it out together with Athleticism, then Focus on Playmaker. The remaining three categories are a bit tricky. In this case, Inside Scorer, even if maxed out, will not give you too much in terms of stats (you’ll have the driving layup maxed at 66 for example, and that’s not really too much). Rebounding is also tricky because, even though the stats increase nicely, you will generally get an advantage because of the height/wingspan combination so you should not focus on it. This leaves us with Defense, which should be the next one to max out.

Finally, after maxing out these four categories, start investing in Rebounding and Inside Scoring. I’d personally go with 5 levels on Inside Scoring and 15 on Rebounding. The truth is that Inside Scoring will suck anyway, and the difference between a 50 and a 66 is not that great. You won’t be scoring your points by diving when it’s crowded, but the 50-ish rating will still allow you to score on counterattacks. Investing more in rebounding, combined with your height/wingspan ratio will turn you into a really good rebounder and it’s worth investing here instead of the Inside Scoring.

In the end, don’t forget about Boosting your stats as well because that gives you extra 5 points in each category, so you will get even better. The result? A beast of a Small Forward that will give Lebron a run for his money and one that will make it into a superstar really soon.

Do you agree with my NBA 2K16 Small Forward or do you go for a different approach? Let me know by commenting below!

NBA 2K16 Point Guard Build Guide: How to Build the Best PG for My Career

This year’s NBA 2K16 was a year for firsts in my case: it was the first time I played as Center in My Career and managed to build a pretty flawless dude, and it is the first year that I waited even longer to play my favorite position (Small Forward) because I also had to build the perfect point guard in NBA 2K16 to share with you the guide. I know that most of the people prefer to play as PGs because they get to have control of the game and bag those threes like Ray Allen, so I decided to help you built the perfect player to play in this position.

I’d say that I managed to do it, so I am sharing with you below my guide on how to build the best NBA 2K16 PG – point guard for a flawless My Career.

It’s worth noting that, in order to speed things up, I used the tips I shared here for getting a 99 rating player – you can use them as well or just focus on playing the game regularly and getting there eventually. The methods you use to build the perfect PG in the game don’t matter as long as you follow these otherwise simple guidelines.

The most important thing this year in NBA 2K16 when it comes to building a perfect player is getting the player’s height right: too much and it will lose some vital potential stat caps, too little and you’ll get blocked like there’s no tomorrow. And this is an especially sensitive area in the case of point guards.

My suggestion would be to build a PG that is 6’3″ or 6’2″ (the differences are relatively small in terms of stat caps, but I’d personally go with the slightly taller one): this way, you will eventually build a player that will be fast enough to get past tall defenders which are slower and they’ll definitely have the height advantage over smaller ones. Make sure you get your weight to around 200 pounds – you don’t want to be too heavy and slow, but you don’t need to be excessively thin to be easily pushed around. A great way to start a game!

Next, choose him as an Outside scorer – you will be able to bag the medium range shots as well, but you’ll be a beast from the 3 point line as well! Wingspan is also important here and I’d say that in this case, the longer is the better option since you will do well at stealing, interceptions and even blocking – you can go for the max without a problem. The other two don’t matter that much in my opinion, so set whatever you’re feeling comfortable with.

Now that we have the player set up, it’s time to improve the skills! The best way to build the player is to max out everything BUT the Rebounds tab. Start with Athlete, Playmaker and Jumpshooter – but even them out with Defender, at least because you need to grow a balanced player. Once you have them to decent numbers, start investing in Inside Scoring as well, then max the others out. In other words, Inside Scoring is the last to focus on.

Many people are going for Balanced this year and many will say that it’s the better approach. I don’t deny that, but I still believe that my recommended setup is the perfect one. So if you want to give a try, let me know about your results. I am curious to see if you are having the same great results as I did with this build.

How to Reset My Career in NBA 2K16? (Restart and Delete My Player)

Reset MyCareer IN NBA 2K16

You could have a ton of reasons to reset MyCareer in NBA 2K16, set up a new My Player, and give it another shot at becoming NBA’s next legend. The good news is that you can easily do that. The bad news is that once you do it, you will have to go through the Spike Lee movie/story once again, which might prove nerve-wracking. But in the end, one has to do what one has to do.

And we’re here to help you get there ASAP by telling you

  • How to reset MyCareer in NBA 2K16
  • How to restart MyCAREER in NBA 2K16
  • How to delete My Player in NBA 2K16.

If you’re comfortable with deleting some data!

How to reset My Career in NBA 2K16

All you have to do to reset My Career in NBA 2K16, Press 3 or Triangle/Y on the My Career tab to view all your files. You now need to delete your My Career. The good news is that you can start over with a new position/player and new stats.

However, have in mind that once you have completed the reset My Career in NBA 2K16, you will lose everything you already have unlocked in the game. Be careful and only adopt reset My Career in NBA 2K16 if you really want to start over. The game has been out on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. You can play NBA 2K16 on a device of your choice.

And if you do, you might want to check out our My Career tips & tricks, a cheat-like guide on how to get 99 rating players or the first in our “best player build series” dedicated to building a perfect Center. And make sure to check back often as we’ll have even more NBA 2K16 content ready for you soon, especially player builds for all positions!

NBA 2K16 Center Build: How to Build the Perfect Big Man for My Career / My Player

I must be honest with you: I never played Center in My Career in an NBA 2K-something game, but this year I decided to go for a change and give it a shot by playing the big buy. I always strive to find the best build for whatever player I create and I think I have just managed to find the perfect one and I am sharing with you below my suggested perfect build for a Center in NBA 2K16: a Big Man to be feared under the rim (and not only).

I haven’t played much with my build – stopped during the second season because it’s really not the type of player I am comfortable playing, but I think it went through enough testing to guarantee that this is the best possible build. I am open to suggestions, though, so if you disagree, you can leave a comment below. But until then, let’s see how to build the perfect center in NBA 2K16 for My Career!

As you probably know, height is one of the most important factors in this year’s game, but when it comes to building a great perfect man, there’s no reason NOT to go crazy: set the height to 7’3″ in order to make sure that your big man will dominate under the rim. He’ll be one of the biggest guys out there, and you’ll love to see him perform. Next, make sure that you create a tank – so think about setting a weight between 290 and 310 pounds (probably around 300 is best) so that he’s not insanely slow, but not too thin to be pushed away under the rim.

Scoring style: this is pretty obvious – go for Inside scoring. Go for a large wingspan of at least 7.8 and ignore the other two (I don’t think they influence performance in any way).

Now that you have this great setup, you know that you can get all of your important stats to 99 (they normally go to 94, but you can boost them to 99 if you need to). We wrote a tutorial on how to get to 99 rating fast, but you can take your time. It doesn’t really matter.

Invest in all the important attributes first: I would recommend you max out (and focus on these first): Inside Scorer, Athlete and Rebounder. Defender and Jump Shooter go next and here you have a bit more options: I went to max them out both and invest nothing in Playmaker and I still got a decent player that can pass the ball around and dribble a bit if needed, but I think you will be pretty much safe by upgrading once your Playmaker (there’s really no need to do more!) and take one from Defender – you will still have over-the-average defensive stats anyway and perform better thanks to your height, plus you can always boost that as well.

With this build, you will have a solid Center that will be unbeatable under the rim, will score a ton of points, will rebound often and will also be able to play outside the paint if needed. I sure played a lot outside the paint because… well… I’m just not good at playing the center!

Let me know if you try our recommended build for a perfect NBA 2K16 Center – and don’t hesitate to share your opinions on a different build, if you have one! Also, don’t forget to check out our generic My Career tips if you want to improve your game a bit – and join the discussion there as well!

NBA 2K16 My Career Guide: Tips & Tricks to Turn My Player into a Superstar

NBA 2K16 My Career Guide

This year’s My Career mode in NBA 2K16 has seen a lot of heat for the questionable Spike Lee adaptation. Many people say that it’s absolutely horrible, some say that the game mode has been ruined and, well, most don’t like to be called “Frequency Vibrations”. But we all have to go through the pain and eventually enjoy the awesome mode which is My Career. We can really build a superstar too in this year’s game, but things are a lot more complicated than they were in the past and we’re here to help. To do that, we’ve created this NBA 2K16 My Career guide: tips and tricks to help you turn MyPlayer (YourPlayer?) into a superstar ASAP and start getting those teammate grades of A and A+ constantly.

Yes, the whole Spike Lee movie is completely whacked, but the core My Career mode is not – so give it a chance, check out NBA 2K16 My Career guide to have the tips and tricks, and you will surely have a ton of fun like you did in the previous years!

Consider High School, College, and the first year of NBA a tutorial

Many people get frustrated with the progress they get in the first three chapters of the game, but you should consider them mostly a tutorial. Things start to get a lot better once you start Season 2, and that’s when you’ll start piling up your VC and truly progress through the game. So don’t be afraid if you’re going through a slow start: everybody gets the same treatment!

Create a MyPlayer that’s not a freak!

This year, 2K Sports have been very careful not to allow us to create superhero players. Height is the most important aspect of the player creation, so make sure that you don’t overdo it: have in mind that usually lower height means better stats, but it will be a bit more difficult for you when you’ll be facing taller players. Try to keep things reasonable: setting your PG, for example, too tall will result in him being slow, lacking technique, and, in the end, he’ll be a poor player despite the ratings. The wingspan is also important and you can go crazy with this one as it doesn’t seem to affect the game too much: longer arms give you an advantage, so don’t hesitate to add a bit extra in this category.

Pick the right Signature Styles and animations

nba 2k16 my career guide01
One thing that most people ignore is the animations they pick for the player: I know we all have favorites and some look better than others, but all you have to think about when choosing your animation is how fast and how effective they are. Usually, the fast ones are also effective, so pick those animations for your player. You need to score, you need to break ankles, you need to be solid, not look good on camera! The most important animations are, in my opinion, the jump shot since that’s what you’ll be shooting the most (recommended: release 27) and the crossover (go for 14 if you can accept some pressure of losing the ball, or go safe with something as quick as possible). Many ignore the signature styles and go for random stuff and this will draw them back a lot!

Upgrade your attributes quickly

We recently shared with you a cheat-like method of getting a 99 My Player rating in the game, and you can go for it. Either way, it’s worth upgrading your attributes as fast as possible, but focus on the ones required for your position. Unless you’re going with the cheat method, you will find out that progress will be really slow and you must invest in your most important skills. No matter what position you play in, the physical stats and scoring stats are the ones that should be upgraded first. Focus on offense more than defense early on, because that’s where you will be able to really shine. Think about building a scoring machine first, and a good overall player second.

Play for the team

This is something that you probably know from previous NBA 2K My Career games: you really need to be a team player if you want to make it big. There are a lot more penalties this year for not being a team player (like the annoying PG penalty for holding the ball for too long) so you will be kind of forced to play for the team. However, you can still take advantage of those solo moments and use them to make your player shine. Balance is the key here: pass the ball often, call for plays and set up plays, be useful when you don’t have the ball, defend and move around and you will do fine. Remember the My Career is a simulation, not pure entertainment, so you can’t be the only one who’s doing stuff on the field.

Also, remember that scoring is not the only way to get a good Teammate grade and points scored are not everything: it’s possible and actually better to have 10 points with an A+ rating than 30 points and a B rating at the end of the game!

Do you have other tips and tricks for a successful My Player other than this NBA 2K16 My Career guide? Share your strategies with us in the comment section below!

How to get 99 Overall Rating My Player in NBA 2K16(My Career Guide)

99 overall rating My Player

You’re probably wondering if you’ve seen them already have gone through how to get 99 overall rating My player in NBA 2K16? How did all the players that you’re facing in MyPark manage to get to 99 overall rating My Player so soon? Well, we’re here to share with you a quick guide on how to do it ASAP if you have some free time on your hand: how to get a 99 overall rating My Player in NBA 2K16 My Career mode. It’s easy, but unfortunately not so fun! But enough talking – let’s get into how to get a 99 overall rating My Player cheats.

The trick to getting your player maxed out soon is to grind on the off days that you get after each game and hit the Live Practice over and over again. Does it sound like common sense? Well, if you have the time, you can do this and get a maxed-out player in several hours, so here is exactly what you have to do.

99 overall rating My Player in NBA 2K16 Cheats

  1. Play every game with your player, but set the game speed to 100. I recommend you to play it on the easiest game mode because you will focus on improving your player first.
  2. Start the game and foul out as fast as possible. In other words, go for intentional fouls ASAP and you should be fouled out in the first or early second quarter. Then quickly skip through the game and the cutscenes, then hit advance to go to the main menu.
  3. Now comes the important part: after every match, you will get a day off. Always use that to do the Live Practice. You don’t have to actually complete the practice either (if you do, you will get a temporary boost of skills, but you don’t need that as you’re fouling out of the games anyway) – so just start the practice and quit it – you will still get the bonus.
  4. Repeat over and over again and in several hours (yup – told you it was going to be boring!) you’ll have a maxed-out, 99 overall rating MyPlayer in NBA 2K16.

Have in mind that you have to do this exactly as described above, minus the game speed 100 thing – but that helps for your sanity and going through everything faster. If you simply sim the game, you will LOSE the day off, so you won’t be able to take care of your player. Simply do as I told you in how to get 99 overall rating My Player cheat sheet and ignore everything else, turn your player into a star, and then rule the court with your beast!

How to Fix NBA 2K16 Crashes & Errors, NBA 2K16 My Team Black Screen and More

The best basketball simulation game is here! NBA 2K16 has been launched, but unfortunately this year’s launch wasn’t one of the best in the franchise’s history. Many gamers are complaining that their game crashes and freezes randomly, but even more are complaining about problems with the My Team mode, especially the fact that whenever you try to play this game mode, you get a black screen. And since we all know that it’s actually the My Team mode that most of us buy the game for in the first place, it’s really painful.

But worry not as we are here to help you: we’re here to share some tips and tricks on how to fix NBA 2K16 My Team Black Screen problems, as well as other crashes, errors and problems you might encounter when playing or trying to play the game.

We’ll start by checking a few things that we always have to check first. In other words, if you are experiencing any type of problems with the game, make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game (and adjust the settings accordingly, lowering them until the game becomes playable) and make sure that your system is running the latest drivers – not only the graphic card drivers, but also the sound card and everything else!

However, it’s usually not these factors that cause the NBA 2K16 black screen problems with My Team and other crashes, so let’s try to find out some more in depth guides on how to fix them, even though things are not looking that great at the moment – it seems that not even 2K Games really knows what’s up with this “black screen epidemic”. But here is what you can try to solve your problems:

Right now it seems that the only thing that might help solving your My Team problems is to check the game’s integrity on Steam. If everything is fine and it still doesn’t work (try to restart your computer after checking the integrity and double-check after restarting), uninstall the game, restart your computer, install it again, restart the computer and verify file integrity. If all seems right, run the game and, strangely, it should work without any problems!

No Menu Sound when Streaming
This is not a bug – the 2K Sports team announced that this is how the game is supposed to work (probably to avoid copyright issues), so there is no fix for that!

Game Won’t launch or crashes
This is a problem that is usually related to the Xbox One pre-ordered games and the developers are working on a fix for that. Until then, they have published a temporary fix on the official website – make sure to check it out if you have this problem!

If you’re getting crashes and you’re not running the game on an Xbox One (usually on PC), you can try to do the following: lower the visual settings (even if you meet the requirements) and make sure you close all other programs running in the background (like your Antivirus – or at least check that it’s not blocking your game), including Fraps or other recording/broadcasting services.

How to fix the 0xc000007b issue
This issue is usually related to outdated video card drivers, so update them and you should be able to run the game.

2K Games is hard at work trying to deliver a patch that will fix the most common problems, and until they do we can only hope that our tips will help. Let us know in the comment section below if you have any problems with the game and most importantly if you managed to find a solution to fix them – one that’s not listed in our guide!