Why it’s Great to be a Gamer Right Now


Christmas may still be a few weeks away, but for gamers everywhere it has certainly arrived early. Assuming you have one of the two leading consoles or PC your blessed this winter with a stunning line up of mainly third-party titles. There is so much on offer currently that it’s hard to find the time to enjoy them all.

Starting off in early September we had the mammoth 200 hour plus Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A solid outing for Snake receiving all around praise from critics and fans of the series. Then at the end of October Xbox owners finally got their hands on Master Chief’s latest adventure with Halo 5: Guardians. This time questioning the hero for his actions giving this exclusive a nice edge. Then on top of the story you have the multiplayer aspect which will merge your days into weeks making you lose track of time altogether.
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Start on November rolled around bringing plenty of presents including Bethesda’s latest entry into the Fallout series which dropped another 200 plus hour campaign into the mix. On the same date the follow up to 2013’s Tomb Raider was released for Xbox One. Two highly anticipated titles leading into the third week in November. Come the nineteenth we had EA’s Star Wars Battlefront. Whatever your opinion no one can doubt that the Star Wars universe has never looked so glorious. Planets like Hoth and Endor now look so immersive that it’s impossible not to appreciate them. With multiple updates coming in the near future, this is something we could all be playing for a crazy amount of time.

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Nintendo’s Wii U on the other hand has a tremendous library of games available for anyone purchasing the console this holiday season, however for those of us that bought the console earlier in its life cycle there is little to shout about. Yes 2016 seem’s to be growing with games but their ending to this year is nothing short of disappointing. At the start of the year we had a Zelda and Star Fox lined up, now we have a Mario Tennis and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival. Saying all this we have the much requested Super Mario Maker which can easily keep owners occupied until the new year. Creating and crafting levels until your heart contents is something that gamers have been dreaming of since the original Super Mario Bros. Now a reality its hard to put it down.

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These are just a handful of the stand out titles this winter so how is anyone suppose to enjoy all these? Normally we are treated to one or two major releases that stand apart from the crown, but this year it’s looking more like half a dozen. Unless your lucky enough to own all platforms and have the time to sink hours upon hours into all of these releases then sadly not every game can be played. This case is never-ending though as there is always another game to play. All these anticipated new games combined with every previously released title begs the question how we manage to say “I have nothing to play”. I’m not condemning others as I myself am guilty of this because when you sit down and think about it there basically an endless amount of video games to fall in love with. This is truly a gift and a curse.

Top 15 Fun Things to Do in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

First-person shooter games aren’t exactly meant to be amusing in the sense of comedy. However, the Metal Gear Solid series is well-known for its awkward humor and The Phantom Pain is no exception to this long-lasting rule. Here’s an extensive compilation of fun things that you can do to lift the mood while taking down the enemy forces.

15. Mistreat Your Buddies

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Quiet

Being rude towards your buddies might not be the most positive way to build a good relationship with them, but it sure is funny to watch their reactions. For example, if you shoot D-Horse in the head, it will be immediately sent back to base and a warning message will pop-up to you, while shooting Quiet will make her scream loudly.

14. Block Your Enemies with Doors

When enemies are chasing you inside buildings, they will automatically open and close doors in their way. However, if you block the door by standing close to it, they won’t be able to get in and attack you. Exploit or not, it’s still a very funny way to mess with the enemy soldiers as they can’t enter and they’ll keep talking to one another.

13. Trigger the Chicken Mode

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Chicken Hat

Who didn’t trigger the chicken mode in The Phantom Pain? Probably everyone who played the game did it once at least. What’s funny about it though? Well… just the hat itself could be the answer, but that’s not all. The fact that you can walk among enemies undetected can be pretty funny too, especially when the chicken sounds come by.

12. Collect Wall Posters

One way to gather GMP is to collect posters around enemy bases, but curiously they’re almost all different. Collecting them can be a funny challenge along the game since some are actually meant to be funny, others more provocative or even erotic. If you pay attention right before collecting them, you might see the point here.

11. Collect and Extract Wild Animals

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Probably the first weird thing that I’ve noticed in this game was the wild animal extraction. It simply looks hilarious. I mean, a donkey being pulled up into the sky groaning fearlessly? Come on, who doesn’t laugh at that for the first time? There are some animals that are funnier than others, depending on the animation and sound but overall, they’re all pretty comic.

10. Punch Your Staff to Raise Their Morale

Normally, when you try to raise someone’s morale you do some kind of profitable task, but in The Phantom Pain the best way to raise your staff’s confidence is to be rude and ruthless. Yes, hitting your staff members will actually raise their morale. The bad side is that it only works with certain members, possibly the masochistic ones.

9. Ask Advice on Random Things

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Another interesting thing to do in The Phantom Pain is to ask advice on random places or objects with Q. Random questions demand random answers and that’s exactly what this game provides. Some advice can be pretty awkward and unexpected, leading to a funny experience.

8. Let Quiet do the Job for You

Quiet is an amazing sniper and she will take out anyone you want. You just have to give the order. If you have some free time you can just watch her doing the whole job for you. Moreover, if you don’t get detected enemies will only chase Quiet’s position and they’ll never go for you. Funny indeed.

7. Engage During Sandstorms

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Sandstorms reduce everyone’s awareness and visibility, which means it’s the perfect time for engaging. It’s not just a huge advantage in terms of strategy, it’s also ridiculously funny to do it. When you encounter enemies during a sandstorm they’ll only see you when you’re basically at their faces. Besides, they’ll miss every shot they fire.

6. Watch D-Dog’s Invincible Wrath

D-Dog is simply amazing, that dog does it all… It recons, it detects all types of offensive and friendly targets and most importantly, it distracts enemies at all costs. It can get hit numerous times or even stay under fire endlessly. This dog is stronger than a Marvel hero and he’s the most annoying thing for your enemy. Watch him, you won’t regret it.

5. Get Hit Until You Trigger the Blood Bug

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

There’s a blood bug in this game? Hell, yeah. And it can happen anytime, the only prerequisite is getting hit as much as you can. I know this hurts your mission score, but it’s in the name of fun. Once you trigger this bug it will get stuck on that armor type and it will never go away unless you start from the very beginning. You can even shower a thousand times and it will still be there.

4. Nullify Enemies with Supply Drops

Those who rescued Quiet safely probably know how funny this method can be. All you have to do is ask a supply drop on an enemy location that is not moving at all. Then be patient and watch your enemy scream and fall into the ground effortlessly. It surely is an expensive way to nullify someone, but it’s still worth the fun.

3. Sprint with D-Horse into a Machine Gun

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain D-Horse

Talking about buddies, D-Horse is another infernal beast. This animal is capable of enduring all types of dangers for undetermined periods of time. If this is not a problem at all, why would an exploding machine gun be, right? Truth is, you will get unmounted and damaged from the explosion but your horse will be up and kicking and… a bit dirty too.

2. Distract Enemies with D-Horse’s Poop

Spotting an armored horse in the middle of the desert or savanna is weird enough. However, spotting an armored horse taking a crap is even… worse or, in this case, better. Lure your horse into the enemy’s field of detection and tell him to poop and watch their reactions. It’s actually pretty hilarious.

1. Infiltrate an Enemy Base Inside a Box

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

For me this is the most amusing activity to do in The Phantom Pain. Infiltrate any enemy base inside a supply box. Who would spot you, right? It’s just a box moving around. Perhaps it’s magic or it has legs, no wait, it’s the wind! Regardless of what the enemy might be thinking, he’ll come close to check it out… and that’s when your moment of glory/death arrives.

How to Fix Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain Crashes, Freezes and Other Problems

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

The highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain has finally been released, but just like all the big name releases of present times, it wasn’t a flawless, error and problem free launch. Fortunately, it’s not a lot of people who are affected by launch problems, crashes of the MGS5 black screen, but those who are affected surely want to know if there is a way to fix them and enjoy the title problem-free. We are here to try and help you achieve that, so let’s check out below how to fix Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain crashes, freezes and other problems.

First of all, before trying any of the fixes, do the usual regular check-up before trying to run any game: make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for running the game. If you’re playing Metal Gear Solid 5 having the minimum or close to minimum specifications, lower the graphics settings to a minimum (you can’t expect to run a game on ultra high if you don’t meet the requirements). Even if you do meet the recommended requirements, try to lower the settings a bit and see if things improve – this should work especially for low frame rate issues, freezing and laggy gameplay.

Next, make sure that you have the latest drivers installed: reinstall them if you have any doubts, but don’t limit it to the visual drivers only. Sound drivers, display drivers and everything else should be checked as well. Perform a clean install of the game or at least verify its integrity in Steam to make sure that all the files were installed.

If these don’t help in any way, we have to go a bit more in depth with our Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain crash and freezing solutions, based on the problems you encounter. Below we have some extra advice, based on the most common problems that have been reported so far:

1. Metal Gear Solid 5 Phenom II processor problems
Apparently, people who are running on a Phenom II processor are currently unable to play the game (as the developers themselves reported). They are working hard on delivering a fix, but until then there doesn’t seem to be much you can do.

2. MGS 5 Black Screen (With white squares) Fix
Some users who were getting a black screen reported that changing the resolution (increasing it) solved the problem – so it’s definitely worth trying this!

3. Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain crashes at startup
If the game installed correctly (check the integrity in Steam) and you are using an overclocked card, this might be the problem: reset it to factory settings and the game should run for you!

4. How to fix MGS 5 random crashes
Some users on the Steam forums have reported that turning off Motion Blur and Camera shake stopped the random crashes they were getting. Some gamers managed to fix this problem (but especially freezing and low performance) by unplugging any USB controllers they had plugged in.

5. MGS 5 missing MSVCR110.dll file fix
This means that you have a missing Microsoft Visual Studio redistributable file. This is easily fixed by installing the program for free from Microsoft’s official website. You can download the problem here and you’ll fix the missing file error.

6. How to remove the 60FPS cap
We’ll have an in-depth tutorial on this later on, but you might get it right from this quick one as well: go to your Steam install folder and double click the userdata folder. Go to the MGS 5 install folder (usually appearing as 287700 in userdata) and find the file TPP_GRAPHICS_CONFIG into the local folder. Open it with notepad and find the following line: framerate_control: Auto (you can search by pressing CTRL and F and type “framerate_control”). Set the “Auto” string to Variable and you’ve removed the 60 FPS limit! Don’t forget to save the file, though!

7. MGD 5: Phantom Pain FOV Issues
Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no option to change the default FOV in the game, but as soon as we find a fix or a hotfix is released, we’ll let you know.

This would be all that we have right now in terms of crash fixes for Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. If you have other problems – or especially other fixes to these problems – please let us know by commenting below.

6 Games To Get Excited For This Autumn/Winter

You may be thinking 2015 is coming to an end so we should start looking to the future. 2016 is edging closer and there seems to be promising possibilities with a New Zelda, Uncharted & Dark Souls on the horizon, nevertheless there is nothing to fear as the remainder of 2015 has some fantastic titles lined up; Possibly the strongest for years.  So what should I play? Yes there are far too many games with far little time to explore every single one. True even one of these games could last you longer than the chilly season but really in our hearts all us gamers are greedy.

So to make things slightly easier I’ve created a list of 6 games to excited for this Autumn/Winter. Yes traditionally 5 games would have been chosen though this time I found it impossible not to include these enormous franchises. So lets get this list rolling:

Star Wars: Battlefront (Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC)

Image 1

Many feel the golden days of Star Wars Video Games are long gone. Rogue Squadron and Knights of the Old Republic are titles of a time now extinct. Then Star Wars: Battlefront was beamed out to the world. Could EA create the perfect game that every fan has long awaited for? Will my 10 year old self finally get to be amerced in an authentic Star Wars Universe? Early gameplay sure does look encouraging however I’ve had my hopes dashed before. So I’m trying to stay grounded, even with the mouth-watering premise of storming across the planet Hoth. All I know is that this galaxy has never looked so beautiful. Stunning set pieces seem to be preparing us for an experience like no other. It’s just a shame about the absence of single player…


Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One)

Image 2

Microsoft’s flagship franchise is already onto its fifth entry (Not including spin-offs). Master Chief is nowhere to be seen and as Spartan Locke you are given the responsibility of finding the soldier whilst also stopping a plot to destroy the entire galaxy. No pressure. Throwing Locke into the protagonist’s role gives the Halo series a fresh approach which it has been needing for a years. Being released as a beta in “The Master Chief Collection” players have had sometime to adapt to the new mechanics and therefore we can hope 343 Industries have had enough time to eradicate any bugs. The last thing anyone wants is a broken launch. Deja vu anyone?


Super Mario Maker (Nintendo Wii U) 

Image 3

The last major stop on the 2015 Nintendo train finishes in September with the much hyped Super Mario Maker. After years of wanting to be able to design your own Mario levels, Nintendo have opened the “fludd”gates, finally giving their seal of approval to Modders everywhere. In true Nintendo style they have gone all out, giving us access to four generations of Super Mario which includes Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World (My personal favorite) and New Super Mario Bros. Having the ability to create your own levels is awesome, but to witness what the online community can conjure up is beyond my imagination.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Playstation 3 & Xbox 360)

Image 6

Lately Kojima and Konami have not be on the best of terms, so here’s hoping that when Snake’s latest mission drops all can be forgotten and normality will resume; Highly unlikely. Oh well at least we have the newest entry to keep us going. Arriving in early September, The Phantom Pain is set after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and throws everyone favorite sleuthing hero into depths of Afghanistan right in the midst of the Soviet-Afghan war. Seeking revenge for his fallen comrades you know there are no limits for how far Snake will go to succeed.  With talented actors like Kiefer Sutherland returning and facial motion capture being installed (A first for the series) it’s no wonder why we all cant wait to jump back into Snake’s shoes.


Fallout 4 (Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC)

Image 4

Now this is how to announce a blockbuster of a game. After years of pining for a new entry into the Fallout franchise suddenly nonchalantly Bethesda dropped the announcement that not only have they been working on a new iteration but its complete. Want gameplay footage? Here you go. When is it out? This November! Wow talk about knocking us all out of our seats. Bethesda showed companies everywhere that revealing a game a couple of months before release gets you all around public praise. On top of this I have no doubt that business wise it will get you sales too.

Roughly taking place around the same time period as Fallout 3 the newest entry has gone all out including regions resembling Boston, Massachusetts and New England. The game unlike it’s predecessors begins on the day the bomb drops creating this post-apocalyptic world. I think its fair to say Bethesda have something special planned with this game.


Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One & Xbox 360)

Image 5

Remember these are games that are released this Winter. Sorry Playstation users, Microsoft have taken this one for the kill. Planned for release simultaneous with Fallout 4 the timed exclusive that every Xbox owner has been waiting for comes Rise of the Tomb Raider. Following on from the events of 2013’s widely praised “Tomb Raider”, Lara’s continued search of the supernatural leads her to Siberia to try and uncover the truth. Keeping in the same strong style the series adapted, footage was one of the highlights of E3. It’s no wonder why as the glorious world Lara is uncovering only becomes more picturesque at every turn. Can it top the original though?

So there you have it my top 6 games to get excited for this Autumn/Winter. From the planet Hoth to the apocalyptic land of Boston, Winter sure does have vast collection of titles lined up. What will you be playing this season? Leave us a comment below to tell us.

Why We’ll All Survive Without Silent Hills (Except for Konami)

silent hills

Silent Hills

On April 1st, I wrote a fake interview regarding Hideo Kojima and Konami.  I stated that The Phantom Pain was the last title Kojima would develop with Konami, that he, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus had all been dropped from working on Silent Hills, and that Konami would be drastically down-sizing in the future to focus more on using their properties for developing mobile games and pachinko machines.  The article was one half practical joke and one half honest prediction for the future of this once legendary game company.  Sadly, my little prank is becoming more fact than fiction by the day.

Not only have Kojima, del Toro, and Reedus all been dropped from Silent Hills, Silent Hills itself has been dropped altogether with Konami officially confirming that the game has been canceled.  On top of that, Konami has delisted itself from the New York Stock Exchange, suggesting a downsizing of the company.  Where Konami has been placing its interest is the possibility of gambling being legalized in Japan and hoping to partner with new casino resorts.  All signs point to The Phantom Pain being the last major game that Konami develops and that its iconic franchises will be relegated to promoting mobile apps and gambling devices.  Before you call that a ridiculous idea, I should point out that Konami has already announced a Neo Contra slot machine.  One anonymous source claims that much of the drama surrounding The Phantom Pain and Silent Hills has been the result of a feud between Kojima and Konami founder Kagemasa Kozuki and that many of the development teams have been facing mergers or have are being forced out through unethical means.  It seems that the Konami that we’ve known for the last thirty years is dying and series like Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Castlevania will never be the same.  However, that doesn’t mean that their legacies can’t live on.

The name Konami isn’t what brought us countless classic games; it’s the people who have worked under that name.  Kojima may never work on another game titled Metal Gear, but he doesn’t need that title and cast of characters to craft intriguing games.  Intellectual properties are merely a canvas for developers to apply their craft upon.  Silent Hills may never be, but what’s to stop Kojima and del Toro from starting over from scratch and creating an original horror game?  Admittedly, it wouldn’t be nearly as easy as I’m making it out to be, but it’s far from impossible.  Even if Konami leaves its IPs to rot, there’s always room for spiritual successors to carry the torch.  We’ve already seen games like Mighty No. 9 and War for the Overworld step up on behalf of the neglected Mega Man and Dungeon Keeper franchises.  While the direction Konami appears to be taking is certainly a setback for gamers everywhere, it’s not going to stop good games from ultimately being made.

Even if gambling isn’t legalized in Japan and Konami’s expected shift doesn’t work out, I don’t expect Konami to go under any time soon.  Their development of slot machines for international markets has been making them a steady profit while their game sales have been steadily declining over the last few years.  Just look at this official financial report of theirs where, for the record, video games are listed under digital entertainment and slot machines are listed under gaming and systems, and tell me you don’t see a trend.  To a degree, I can actually understand the transition they’re trying to make.  The main takeaway is that the possible end of Konami as a game developer does not necessarily mean the end of your favorite games.  Kojima is an industry legend and it won’t take him long to settle into a new, hopefully, more comfortable situation.  Any franchises that end up woefully abandoned will see a revival in one way or another.  It’s a shame that Silent Hills had to be lost as a result of the internal strife, but it is far from being the end of great survival horror games.

Vgamerz Three Frontrunners For Potentially Winning GOTY


It’s only March but Vgamerz are already thinking about this years potential game of the year. I know it’s early but that’s because we have an abundance of fantastic looking games coming out this year, from Bloodborne to Battlefield: Hardline and Final Fantasy Type-0, but for Vgamerz there are three frontrunners for this years game of the year.

3. Persona 5

Persona 5 is a role-playing game developed by Atlus. Although not much has been revealed about this game yet, one of the biggest things that get’s me excited about this game is the pedigree that it brings with it. Playing Persona 4 Golden was an absolute pleasure, and it was certainly a memorable experience too. With a fantastic cast of characters and a brilliant story to boot, Persona 4 Golden was arguably the best game Ethan from Vgamerz played last year. Even grinding for experience in the dungeons wasn’t boring. Persona 4 has made us extremely excited for Persona 5. Persona 5 will be set in Shibuya and other locations in Japan. Unlike the previous Persona games, your character will be a criminal.

2. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Ah Metal Gear, a series that has stolen many hours of people’s lives. Now however it’s time to close the circle that is Metal Gear Solid, with The Phantom Pain being Hideo Kojima’s last Metal Gear game, and which also acts as a prequel to the first ever Metal Gear Solid, and it also closes Big Boss’ story. The Phantom Pain is an open world stealth game set in Afghanistan and parts of Africa. Weather and time of day will effect how you can approach missions, for good and bad. A brand new engine has been created for The Phantom Pain, the Fox Engine. The Metal Gear Solid story can be extremely confusing at times, but it is truly brilliant and one of the best video game stories ever. Finishing it will be sad, but it will most definitely be worth it. Also Metal Gear Online will launch alongside The Phantom Pain, which is a 6v6 or 8v8 combat multiplayer game mode, where players will need to work in a team to complete their objective.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is by far the game which has Ethan most excited this year, and arguably ever. It’s another game which will be extremely sad to finish, considering it’s the last in the series, but it’s one that deserves to be finished because the story has always been fantastic. Ciri and Yennefer (two huge characters from the books) makes their debut into the game series, and Geralt returns better than ever, with the addition of ranged weapons and the ability to traverse the large world on horseback. The game is set in a huge open world, and looks absolutely gorgeous. Over 100 hours of gameplay await within the game giving the player plenty of things to do before they have to finish the last game in the series, but not before every ounce has been squeezed from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

These three aforementioned games will all be truly fantastic, and everyone at Vgamerz cannot wait to play any of them. A common theme of all of these games is that they all have pedigree due to previous games in the series, and therefore the creators can use them as inspiration and create the best game from each of the own series.  All of the games, and reasons, are chosen purely based on Ethan’s opinion.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Collectors Edition and Release Date Revealed

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has finally been given a release date: September 1st 2015. Metal Gear Online will also launch along side the release of the Phantom Pain.

In the latest instalment of the Metal Gear Solid franchise Snake awakes from a nine year long coma, which was a result of the ending of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain’s prequel. Snake will embark on a personal journey for revenge. The journey will take him to Afghanistan sometime after his escape from the hospital. Snake, the games protagonist, will be voiced by Kiefer Sutherland.

The Phantom Pain is touted to be Hideo Kojima’s last Metal Gear game, and will also act as a prequel to Metal Gear, the series’ first game.

A collectors edition of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is now also available to pre order. The collectors edition will include:

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (the game)
  • Exclusive Collectors Edition Packaging
  • Game Map
  • Behind the scene’s Blu-Ray documentary and trailers
  • Half scale replica of Snake’s bionic arm

Inside the collectors edition you’ll also receive bonus in game content. These are:

  • Customisable Venom Snake emblem
  • Snake outfit set including 4 different Snake camouflage fatigues
  • Cardboard box set including 3 different cardboard box designs
  • Weapons pack including 4 different weapon and shield sets
  • Metal Gear Online items (Gold AM MRS-4, Gold WU S. Pistol, Metal Gear Rex Helmet)
  • Metal Gear Online XP boost

There will also be a cheaper Day One edition of The Phantom Pain. The bonus content will include:

  • Metal Gear Online XP boost
  • Blue Urban Fatigues outfit
  • Wetland cardboard box
  • Adam-ska Special revolver (classic Metal Gear weapon)
  • Silver personal ballistic shield

This is truly fantastic news that one of the gaming industry’s biggest known franchises will be releasing one of the most highly anticipated games to come out for the past few years later on in the year, the only shame is that we’ve still got to wait six months before we can play The Phantom Pain. Mark it on your calendars, September 1st cannot come any sooner.