Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Quartermastery Part 2 and 3

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The Quartermastery chain missions from Scribe Haylen at the Brotherhood of Steel can be challenging to complete. Find out how to quickly do part two and three in a matter of minutes.

The Quartermastery chain is about retrieving technology devices/pieces from determined locations given by Scribe Haylen. Some of them are hard to get because they’re surrounded by elite enemies, others not so much. Let’s see how to quickly do part two and three of this mission.


Part 2 – Flux Sensor

Fallout 4 - Quartermastery Part 2 - Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup1. Go to Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup

Get to the location that Haylen gives you – Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup. It’s south-west of Sanctuary Hills near the Abernathy Farm, you can’t miss it.


2. Unlock the Truck’s Load

You’ll notice a green icon inside a truck’s load, that’s because you need to open it. Advanced lock-picked is required for this mission. If you don’t have it, you need to come back later on until you do.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery Part 2 - Flux Sensor3. Get Inside and Pick the Flux Sensor

Now, get inside by jumping in and head towards the big chest. Pick the loot and you’ll get the Flu Sensor that Haylen wants. Head back to her to finish the mission.


Part 3 – Reflex Capacitor

Fallout 4 - Quartermastery Part 3 - Poseidon Reservoir1. Go to Poseidon Reservoir

Head to the starting location at Poseidon Reservoir and clean the entrance area. You’ll encounter a few raiders nearby and then, a few ghouls around the entrance door, that is if you didn’t clean the area before.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery Part 3 - Killing Ghouls2. Get Inside and Fight

Get inside the facility and get ready for intense combat. As soon as you get in, get in stealth mode with CTRL and check the area. There are dozens of normal ghouls in the level below. Use the right room as a tactical point to lure them. There are elites too so you might want to use grenades and a strong weapon here.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery Part 3 - Even More Ghouls3. Head Downstairs

Keep the stealth mode on and move downstairs. You’ll see more ghouls in front, shoot the barrels inside to trigger an explosion, this will kill and damage most of them. Then head back to the starting room to kill the rest that will chase you.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery Part 3 - killing Downstair Ghouls4. Back Point

Again downstairs you’ll see a back point behind the stairs with some light and corpses. They’re all ghouls, as soon as you get close they’ll stand up to attack you. I advice using a grenade here and running around until everything is dead.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery Part 3 - The Glowing One5. The Glowing One

Head to the left this time and you’ll see an elite ghoul and one Glowing One. It’s your decision here how you want to handle them all. As usual, I used two projectiles first, then ran back and jumped onto a metal thing nearby, then shot the Glowing One, he’ll get confused and run around the metal giving you free time to shoot.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery Part 3 - Reflex Capacitor6. Pick the Reflex Capacitor

Go forward until you see a huge chest, that’s where the Reflex Capacitor is located. Pick it up and go back to Haylen to complete the mission and receive your rewards.


Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Quartermastery Part 1

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The second assignment from the Brotherhood of Steel is given by Scribe Haylen and the main objective is to retrieve the Flux Sensor. Check out how to do this as quick as possible.

To prove yourself in the Brotherhood, you have to complete a set of military missions. Each one of them normally has an elite enemy to be eliminated and Quartermastery is no exception. This mission’s objective is to get retrieve an important component. It’s relatively easy to accomplish if you follow the steps below.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Beantown Brewery1. Head West

After receiving the quest from Haylen, head west from the Cambridge Police Station. Take the main road and use one of the two bridges there to cross the river. The final destination is Beantown Brewery.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Bottom Level2. Infiltrate the Facility

After getting inside through the back door (the front door is well locked), kill the only scavenger there in the first room and head towards the bottom level by sneaking out with CTRL.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Lure Tower Tom3. Clear the Area

Now, it’s time to kill everyone one by one. It’s not hard, there aren’t many enemies around but the strategy here is to lure the elite Tower Tom out without getting instantly killed. Stand in the middle and take cover.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Dead Tower Tom4. Kill Tower Tom

Now, throw any projectile at Tom’s position and carefully shoot him. If you don’t want to risk dying, let your companion do most of the shooting, it also works. It’s important to keep moving under cover, Tom will eventually throw a grenade at you.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Elevator5. Reach the Elevator

Get to the elevator to reach the upper level, where Tom’s corpse is laying now. Check the right side of the bottom level where you are, you can’t miss it. Click on the button to open the elevator’s door. Then again head upward.


Fallout 4 - Quartermastery - Flux Sensor6. Loot and Retrieval

When you enter the upper room, there’s a chest filled with good stuff at the left side. That’s also where the Flux Sensor is located. Mission done, get out of the facility and go back to Haylen through fast travel.


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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Quartermastery Part 2 and 3