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Stellaris Cheat Codes & Console Commands

Stellaris has been launched and we’re obsessed with this game and if you’re reading this, chances are that you’re on the same boat. However, this is a brutally difficult game and even though we’ve shared with you some tips and tricks to get a head start in the game and we’re planning to share even more strategies in the future, you might just want at a given point to take the easy route and cheat. If that’s the case, I am here to share with you a bunch of Stellaris cheat codes that will make your life a lot easier in the game – but might take away some of the fun too.

In order to enter and use any of the Stellaris cheat codes listed below, you must activate the console by pressing the tilde key (`) – it’s usually the key next to the 1 key on your keyboard. Once activated, type in any of the codes below to get the indicated result (note that this doesn’t work if you’re playing in Irnoman Mode):

Cash #### – adds the indicated amount of Minerals (so if you type Cash 5000 you get 5000 minerals)

Invincible – your fleet takes no damage

Research_Technologies – instantly research all technologies

AI – Toggles AI (write the command again in order to reactivate AI)

Society #### – Adds the indicated amount to your society

Survey – Instantly survey all planets

Influence #### – Adds the indicated amount of influence

Debug_Yesmen – All AI players will accept any demands you make

Instant_Build – Instantly completes current build projects

Finish_Research – Instantly completes all current research projects

This is it for now! We’ll make sure to update this list with more Stellaris cheat codes if we find any extra.

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  • Akkaari
    Posted August 5, 2016 at 10:57 am

    Or you could type ‘help’ into the console for a full list of commands

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