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Best NBA 2K17 SF Build: How to Create the Perfect Small Forward for MyCareer

NBA 2017 best sf build

We’re back to share with you the best NBA 2K17 SF build in the game. As you probably know, this is my favorite position and the position I play most in NBA 2K games so I always strive to get the best player – which I am sure you do. I am going to share here how to build a legendary SF in NBA 2K17, similar in play style with Lebron James, an an overall superstar no matter what type of play you’re running. Don’t forget to also check out my PG build in case you need some variety!

Before starting this article, I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I also spent a lot of time giving the 6’3″ Small Forward a try – it’s been and maybe it still is all the rage on YouTube, with people claiming that he’s the best thing since Michael Jordan had a baby with Wilt Champerlain (which, by the way, never happened!). I tried it and I didn’t like it. Guarding Lebron in MyCareer with a 6.3 guy isn’t fun. Scoring isn’t fun. Getting great stats isn’t fun. So I made my own, a real Small Forward that’s just like Lebron James, a player who can dunk, who can pass, dribble, defend and rebound and also shoot those baskets from mid range and the three point line. That’s what I’m talking about!

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s see how you too can build a great SF in the game. Here’s my best NBA 2K17 Small Forward build!

We’ll start by choosing the Archetype first. You will always want to be a Slasher. This is the best choice, in my opinion, for a great SF build. You get excellent stats in all areas: mid range shooting, layups and dunks, shooting off dribble, you also get amazing Agility and Playmaking stats, and on ball defense & rebounds. You’ll be an awesome scorer and great all-around player, with the only downside being that you won’t be an ace when it comes to three point shooting. Well, nobody’s perfect, but my build is as close as it gets!

You also get access to top badges like the One Man Fast break that keeps those points dropping, as well as Relentless Shooter and Tear Dropper. You’re a fast scoring freak and you’ll love it!

Next, comes the height and everything else: we’ll go for a relatively tall player at 6’8″, 235 pounds and maximum wingspan and shoulder width. If you want to get OP, always go for maximum wingspan and shoulder width, even though this makes your player look like an alien. As long as he can play, go for it!

This SF build can be quickly turned into a 90 overall player and that’s without upgrading everything! Focus on getting the Agility and Layups & Dunks in order to keep the crowds entertained with your finishes (and the points coming). You want to max out Mid Range shooting as well next as they only go up to 75, then invest in some Playmaking, Rebounds and Defending. You will never be an ace when it comes to shooting from the 3 point line or Post scoring, so ignore those and only spend your VCs on them after you get everything else done.

As a result, you will get an awesome Small Forward in the game and I guarantee you’ll love him. He will be unstoppable and will keep you entertained at all times because you’ll have to adopt a fast, spectacular play. You will be great in defense, you can grab those rebounds, you can move the ball around and most importantly, you will score.

This is also the closest thing I think you can have in the game to Lebron – even though he has better numbers in real life when it comes to mid range shooting and 3 points, you can’t have them all. And even if you don’t compare your player with L. James, you still get an awesome SF build for MyCareer and a player that will reach All Star status ASAP. Enjoy!

What do you think about my recommended SF build for NBA 2K17? Share your thoughts and other build ideas in the comment section below!

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  • Jimmy
    Posted November 23, 2016 at 8:16 am

    Made this pretty much same but height 66 and at SG to avoid guarding slashes which I hate haha. Only thing I don’t like is that at SG the play does not come tour way as much until you are the an then they give you then play. My most successful player is by far my Shot creator PG at 97 overall now.

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