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Sonic Frontiers Review: What Does Metacritic Rates It

Sonic Frontiers Review

Sonic Frontiers’ review on Metacritic is perplexing, but we are here to unveil the reality behind it. Everything began when Sega produced Sonic video games back in 1991 and the platform games were at the peak of popularity. Since then the Sonic video game franchise has evolved and leveled up its video games in a multitude of ways. It’s time to dig into the video game to learn the truth about the critical review and see if you should spend your money on it. Let’s start with the review.

Is Sonic Frontiers a Good Game?

The first and original work from Sega regarding the Sonic series was in 1991. The video game was titled Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog and exceeded the expectations of gamers. The enormous success led Sega to work on sequels and standoff video games, and on average 3 video games come every year.

What’s more amusing is that Sonic Frontiers isn’t even the latest installment from the series. Sonic Frontiers launched on multiple platforms in November of 2022.

Sonic Frontiers is the first-ever open-world video game, it features the same as ever fun kind of gameplay. The video game is more of a reboot of the original Sonic video game. It is not official, but the obstacles, different islands, and creatures seem similar to those of the original games.

The game’s controls and Physics are quick responsive and smooth and can be customized on the player’s preferences.


The video game follows Sonic and his friend Tails chasing Doctor Eggman, who has discovered strange ancient technology and is trying to hijack it for his use. Sonic after the news becomes the local gossip, heads to stop Eggman, but falls into a wormhole and gets separated from his old friend, and finds himself at Kronos Island.

When roaming around the Island to find a way to escape, he hears a voice-disembodied entity who guides him on the way to save his friends. It claims to be the guardian of the Island and wants Sonic to prevent the Eggman from causing more mass destruction. Sonic who is stranded on Starfall Islands tries to find Chaos Emeralds and plans on doing something to stop Eggman. Bringing an end to the evil of Doctor Eggman may not be easy, but Sonic with his willpower and a few shoulders backing him will do it with no tomorrow.

Sonic also has the same old abilities that he had in the Hedgehog series and can perform stunts like running on the spiral loops and completing levels at an insanely fast pace.


The video game features a variety of characters, some of whom are part of the original series while there are newly added characters too. The video game includes Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and Eggman as primary characters.

Interactions between the characters in the whole Sonic franchise are outstanding, the way the characters engage together, plan their next moves, and accurately lip-sync is soothing to watch. Also, they give meaning to the slogan Teamwork makes the dream work.

However, Some critics and gamers criticize the video game for making unbalanced character mechanics, which makes some characters more indestructible than others.

Animation & Soundtracks

The animation is top-notch, never has there been a video game from the Sonic franchise that harnesses the game’s animation brilliantly. The beautifully detailed landscapes and the sun’s reflection hitting the screen when the setting is a sight to behold. The realistic animation also comes with punching visuals. The aftermath of a collision with the opposition side keeps the players stunned.

The soundtrack playlist of Sonic Frontiers is massive, it consists of about 150 songs. The video game has the best cyberspace theme song. The rest songs are also creatively and smartly made.

What is the Metacritic Review Score of the Sonic Frontiers

What is Metacritic you may ask? Metacritic is a review-based website where users rate their favorite video games, films, and TV shows. When a user searches for a video game or anything on Metacritic, they see two separate sections of score in the top right section. This score showcases the Meta score and user score. In simple, Meta score is a system of ranking based on critics’ reviews of the game. Meta Score falls between 0 to 100. Meanwhile, the user score is based on the rating given by the users. User score counts up to the maximum of 10.

Sonic Frontiers has an average of 71 scores from 94 critic reviews and an 8.1 average user score. Which is above average and most reviews recommend you to the game. The majority of votes are positive, and everyone who makes a good review leaves with a heavy-hitting note that tells their admiration and addiction towards the video game.

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Conclusion: Sonic Frontiers Review Metacritic

Sonic Frontiers is an ideal video game that everyone will enjoy. Even if they don’t know the background of the series. The video game features everything that we witnessed in the old video games. The characters, creatures, setting, and plot may have remained the same, but the animation, soundtracks, and visuals are frankly leveled up.

Sonic Frontiers is a game not to miss, if you enjoy playing 3D platform games. The video game blends adventure and action genres in a way that every age can enjoy.

This concludes our Sonic Frontiers Review and the reality behind the high Metacritic ratings. What are your thoughts on Sonic Frontiers? Do you think it is as good as the Internet claims? If not how can it improve, tell us in the comments.

Faq About Sonic Frontiers Metacritics Review

How many GB is Sonic Frontiers PC?

The video game is about 30 GB and with everlasting action and stunning visuals, it is fairly average.

How long is 100% Sonic Frontiers?

The video game will take about 30 hours to complete but if you indulge yourself too much in the game it will take you 10 hours less, maybe around 18-19 hours.

What platforms is the Sonic Frontiers video game available for?

The video game is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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