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Nintendo and Universal Partner for Theme Park Attractions


It’s an exciting day for Nintendo fans as Nintendo and Universal have announced a deal to develop Nintendo-based attractions at Universal theme parks.  Sadly, details are scarce at the moment as to when these attractions will open, what locations will be receiving attractions, or what kinds of attractions we’ll be seeing.  Given that this was announced on the official Universal Orlando blog, it’s a given that the Orlando park will have plenty of attractions hosted.  Given that they’ve been needing to switch their Marvel section out with something that won’t benefit the competition at Disney, there is certainly plenty of room worth freeing up at the park for Nintendo attractions.  Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda are the most obvious choices for attractions, but the possibilities are endless.

It’s actually a fairly ironic partnership given that a large part of Nintendo’s ability to break out into the video game market was a legal battle they won against Universal over false claims that Donkey Kong infringed on their copyright for King Kong (which Universal didn’t even own in the first place).  What kinds of attractions are you hoping to see come out of this partnership?  Personally, I’m hoping to see Donkey Kong make an appearance at the King Kong ride and the finally have the giant simian smackdown thirty years in the making.

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