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Mei is coming to Heroes of the Storm, but some fans aren’t happy

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard’s declining MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, hasn’t had a new character for seven months. Well it seems the prayers of fans has finally been answered but not everyone is overly pleased. As revealed in this tweet posted yesterday on the official HOTS page, a certain Overwatch DPS character is on her way.

The tweet shows off a blizzardy background with two glowing eyes taking center stage. For any none Overwatch players these eyes belong to Snowball, Mei’s little personal robot assistant. Some fans were thrilled to hear this news as Mei, for all her flaws, does have a dedicated fanbase. However, many active HOTS players were less than impressed.

Why Mei isn’t what some Heroes of the Storm players wanted

Why Mei isn’t what some Heroes of the Storm players wanted

It has to be said that Overwatch characters haven’t had a great time when it comes to being added into HOTS. This is primarily because HOTS has a serious mobility power creep issue with mobile heroes often reigning king. A lot of existing Overwatch heroes that made their way to HOTS, like Genji and Tracer, exemplify this problem.

As a result of this, Overwatch characters have a bad rap amongst many Heroes of the Storm players. Still, Mei shouldn’t be too troublesome in regard to her mobility. In Overwatch Mei is a slow, brawly character who relies on her crowd control to takedown enemies.

If other Overwatch heroes are anything to go by, we can probably guess a large majority of what Mei’s kit will look like. Her having a primary freeze that slows people down with a secondary long-range projectile seems likely. No doubt her iconic Ice Wall ability will make an appearance too, allowing you to cut off the escape of any troublesome opponents.

Finally, one of her ultimates will probably be her Blizzard, an area of effect slowdown that freezes any enemies who don’t move out of its way in time. As for Mei’s secondary ultimate, that’s difficult to figure out. She doesn’t have a second ultimate in Overwatch, but it could be something that makes her more tank-like. After all, Heroes of the Storm is in desperate need of a new tank.

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