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Legend of Korra: Maxing Out Your Bending

So you’ve completed the game but haven’t maxed out your bending? Or maybe you’ve focused on one style and neglected the others; this is what I was guilty of! Once I unlocked air bending, I didn’t really use the other three elements as much as I should have. But since I wanted to max out bending in preparation for the pro-bending ace difficulty, I went ahead and maxed them.

Location: Chapter 7
Difficulty: Casual(though you could attempt it on a harder difficulty).
Items: Talisman XP x2, HP 1/2 and Talisman Healing

The reason why we want the healing talisman is the experience talisman cuts our health by half, making this a bit tougher without any sort of passive healing. If you get hit a couple of times, no problem! Just dodge and counter as much as you can until your health is topped up again.

Now select chapter 7, The Tree of Life. You will have to complete this chapter for the progress to be saved, ie you can’t just complete the first fight and exit. Depending on the level of your bending, it will take a few completions of the level. At level 5, I was able to do the chapter 3 times to max out one element. So around 12 chapter completions should max out all elements depending on where your experience bar is at the time.

It’s not a long chapter and for the most part it’s pretty easy. You may have trouble with the pro-bending match in the second round where it’s an actual fight rather than a proper match. You can unequip the experience talisman though you will lose that extra bit of exp and might have to do the chapter one extra time. What I did was attack and dodge often. Countering can be rough but try to pull it off if you can. Another good way is to successfully complete the QTE when the enemy attacks you as you’ll do free damage and have your health regenerate if you’ve been hit.

It won’t take long to max out all four elements. I found this chapter to be the easiest for me and thus, was more quicker than any of the other chapters.

Good luck, have fun and remember, only the Avatar can master all four elements!

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