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How To Platinum Infamous First Light


Difficulty to platinum: 4/10

Total trophies: 25

Time taken to platinum (approx): 8-10 hours

Playthroughs required: 1 story, numerous challenge arenas


Infamous First Light is insanely easy to platinum. The only time consuming trophies are arena-related ones but with the right method, all of these trophies can be attained swiftly.

Story trophies:

There are a total of story related trophies, all of which can be nabbed in a single playthrough:

  • Lost – Suffer a loss (bronze)
  • Cracked – Endure a deception (silver)
  • Betrayed – Experience a double-cross (gold)
  • She’s ready – Complete the story of Infamous First Light (gold)

Collectible/ tasks trophies:

By accessing your map you can view the locations of various collectibles or minor side tasks situated throughout Seattle. These include Neon Lumens, Lumen Races to play, Neon Graffiti spots to tag and Police Drones to destroy. Don’t panic if early on you have attained all visible collectibles without hearing the triumphant ping of a trophy notification because, some collectibles only become available as you delve deeper into the story. The trophies attained when all collectibles are gathered are as follows:

  • Illuminated – Collect all Neon Lumens (silver)
  • Blackout – Destroy all Police Drones (bronze)
  • Lickety Pronto – Complete all Lumen Races (silver)
  • That’s So Fetch – Complete all Neon Graffiti (bronze)
One of the Neon Graffiti tags you must complete (screenshot by myself)
One of the Neon Graffiti tags you must complete (screenshot by myself)


Within Infamous First Light are challenges (a total of 60) which can be viewed by opening the pause menu (options). On the right hand side will be your challenges. Not all are arena related and you will have to do some within the story. There are a considerable amount of combat challenges so in order to save some time, it may be worth battling in certain ways whilst playing the story to earn them early on, leaving you only the long-winded ones to pick up as you complete the arena challenges. The trophies for completing challenges are as follows:

  •  Novice – Complete 25% of all Challenges (bronze)
  • Professional – Complete 50% of all Challenges (silver)
  • Expert – Complete 75% of all Challenges (expert)
  • Perfectionist – Complete all of the Challenges in the game (expert)

Battle arena trophies:

The majority of trophies for Infamous First Light are gained whilst tackling the arenas. Here are all the trophies available through the arenas and if necessary, an easy way to go about getting them:

(NOTE: For challenging the arenas I recommend the skill you predominantly push your points into is the homing missiles as it making surviving considerably easier and will coincide more effectively with the method I will be demonstrating. If you are yet to upgrade this much, keep challenging the arena for points)

  • Alpha Rescue Diamond – Achieve a score of 500,000 points (silver)
  • Alpha Survival Diamond – Achieve a score of 500, 000 points (silver)
  • Beta Rescue Diamond – Achieve a score of 500,000 points (silver)
  • Beta Survival Diamond – Achieve a score of 500,000 points (silver)
  • Gamma Survival Diamond – Achieve a score of 500,000 points (silver)
  • Top Of The Class – Earn a total of 10,000,000 points (gold)

Method for obtaining:

For obtaining the trophies and completing the challenges for surviving high waves of enemies or gaining a certain quantity of points I recommend using homing missiles in the way demonstrated below:

This way is effective as the homing missiles can take out the more threatening enemies from afar, leaving you with the weaker enemies to pick off using weak point kills as you proceed to the next neon source. This narrows the chances of losing health as you are constantly gathering from neon sources. By using the missiles you can also destroy enemies from a fair distance away and maintain multiplier scores, very helpful for getting high points. The same method should be used , just more wisely in the rescue arenas meaning just to pick your sources carefully (the ones closest to the hostages). Firing missiles at appearing hostages is a brilliant for wiping out there immediate threats, enough for you to save them and ensure you don’t fail.

It is also key to hang on to your neon singularity special move until it becomes completely necessary to use it. It is brilliant for when you are close to death and overwhelmed by enemies.

Remaining trophies: 

After completing all the battle arenas and obtaining the trophies you should only have the following combat/ challenge related trophies remaining (if you have not yet got them already):

  • Turret Syndrome – Overload 25 turrets (silver)

Self-explanatory, just overload 25 of the turrets that appear during arena battles by going up behind them and swiping down on the touch pad when prompted.

  • Great Responsibility – 50 hostage saves (bronze)

Self explanatory, just gather a total of 50 hostage saves by replaying rescue battle challenges. The homing missiles are great for dealing with enemies initially surrounding the hostage.

  • Event Horizon – Defeat 100 enemies with a single Neon singularity (bronze)

This trophy is much easier to attain within the higher rounds of survival challenges. If you keep trying your luck when you are bombarded with enemies at high waves, you are more than likely going to achieve the trophy.

  • …Bada Boom! – Defeat 20 enemies in a row with homing missiles (silver)

Self-explanatory, just by using the tactic demonstrated above, you can take out 20 enemies in row with the homing missiles in no time at all. It is easier to achieve when the skill is upgraded.

  • Fish In A Barrel – 25 stasis + weak point kills

Self-explanatory, by using the stasis bubble and hitting enemies weak points (highlighted pink) 25 times, you will earn yourself this trophy.

  • Unleashed – Purchase every upgrade (gold)

Self-explanatory, if you have completed all other challenges and trophies, likelihood is you will have already earned enough points to earn every upgrade. If this isn’t the case, simply replay battle arena challenges to earn the remaining points you need to get all upgrades.

And so behold your platinum trophy 

Noble Achievement – Collect all trophies (platinum)

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