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Guide to Orcs Must Die 2 Achievements


Orcs Must Die 2 has just been released on Steam and has already proven that it’s a very popular sequel of the original game. This time, Orcs Must Die 2 comes with a set of achievements that we can unlock on Steam: 26 of them to be precise and even though I am sure that many gamers would’ve loved even more achievements from the game, we’ll have to deal with what we have.

And I am here to share with you a guide to the Orcs Must Die 2 achievements, so check them out below!

1. I Could Do This All Day — Kill 25,000 Orcs.
2. May I Have Some More? — Kill 50,000 Orcs.
3. Halfway There — Complete Campaign, Act 1.
4. Restoring Order — Complete Campaign, Act 2.
5. Tough Going — Complete Campaign, Act 1 Nightmare.
6. I’m So Awesome — Complete Campaign, Act 2 Nightmare.
7. Stay Classy — Complete all classic levels.
8. Predator — Collect 30 dropped skulls.
9. They Just Keep Coming — Reach wave 25 in an endless mode level.
10. Impossible — Reach wave 50 in an endless mode level.
11. BFFs — Reach wave 40 in a co-op endless mode level.
12. Friends ‘Till the End — Complete Twisted Halls in co-op.
13. Thanks Bro — Heal an ally in co-op.
14. Freedom! — Use the freedom trinket to break a co-op partner out of a stun.
15. Perfectionist — Earn 5 (base) skulls on every campaign level on War Mage difficulty.
16. Droppin’ Hamiltons — Spend 10 skulls in the tome.
17. Big Spender — Spend 100 skulls in the tome.
18. Cash Money Skulls — Spend 1000 skulls in the tome.
19. Ten at Once — Get a 10 kill streak.
20. MMMMONSTER KILL! — Get a 25 kill streak.
21. Kingdom Rush — Beat a nightmare level using only weapons, trinkets, and the dwarf, archer, and paladin minions.
22. Pot of Gold — Get a 10x or higher combo.
23. Queen of the Orcs — Charm 100 orcs as the Sorceress.
24. All Aboard — Kill 1,000 orcs with minecarts.
25. Indecisive — Respec your character.
26. What is Best in Life? — Use the berserker trinket to reduce your health to 15%.

Good luck in your quest of trying to unlock all the achievements in the game!



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