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God Of War 3 Receiving Remaster Treatment

god of war 3

God of War 3

With this being the tenth anniversary of God Of War for PS4, Sony Santa Monica has decided that it’d be a good idea to remaster God Of War 3… What?

On July 14, you can expect your PS4 to be graced with the likes of God Of War 3 in shiny 1080p with a smooth 60 frames per second. The standard treatment we’re receiving with all of the recent remakes.

Here is the trailer for the six of you that haven’t already purchased and played through numerous times.

Despite my cynical view on this news, I must admit that it’s impressive how the game manages to look almost as if it were designed specifically for the PS4, even though it’s several years old. What a beauty.

There are no new features introduced in the Remastered edition of God of War 3. In this edition, a save for a Photo Mode is there to let you snap in-game photos. This will allow you to edit and share them with fellows. The best part of the video game is that it takes full advantage of the PS4’s powerful hardware. This allows the video game to run at full 1080p and 60 fps. This feature will allow you to enjoy the game at its full capacity.

I must ask one question though. Why? I understand that this is the 10th anniversary, I get that. But when we’ve already had two separate HD remasters of the franchise along with a rather impressive bundle of the first five titles in the Saga collection, I am thrown off at the choice of remastering only a single game.

When are we going to see a new God Of War 3? Soon I hope, as this constant business of remastering games that you can find in a bargain bin for 3 dollars is but a cheap grab for quick cash.

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