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Football Manager 2017 Wonderkids & Best Young Players Shortlist Downloads


Ever since I started playing Football Manager, a lot of years ago, when it was called Championship Manager, one of the best things that I loved about the game was finding amazing youngsters, signing them for my team, and turning them into the next football superstars in the world. Of course, back then, getting the Football Manager wonderkids involved a ton of personal research, hours lost scouting and browsing through the teams as well as direct talks with friends playing the game.

Although those days had their charm, today it’s a lot easier to find the best players in the game and I am here to share with you the best of the best: the best Football Manager 2017 wonderkids, amazing youngsters that you will love signing for your team and turning into superstars of the future.

And unlike a few years ago, when you had to read through lists and manually search for players, things are pretty straightforward today: all that you have to do is to download the wonderkids shortlists for Football Manager 2017, load them into your game and check out all the players there and sign the ones you love.

It’s extremely simple, but you still need the shortlists to start with. And I have them for you: two different shortlists with great sets of youngsters that you can sign for your team (for more or less money) and get the most out of them. So, without further ado, here are the FM 2017 wonderkids and where to download the shortlists to get them closer to your club!

Passion 4 FM’s FM17 Wonderkids & Talents Shortlist

This shortlist is extremely documented and you will find some amazing players listed there. Plus, if you like to do it as you did it a few years ago, most of the players included are talked about in the article. So head over to their website and download the shortlist for the best FM 2017 wonderkids and young players (scroll all the way to the bottom of their page to download)!

FMScout’s shortlist

Although the list only has 22 players at the moment of writing this, they are all top quality players and I am sure that the list will be updated in the future with new findings, so make sure to check it out. FM Scout is always doing a great job in sharing with us the game’s young talents, so make sure to download their shortlist here.

Note: Don’t hesitate to also download & install the FM 2017 face megapack, badges, logos & kits!

These shortlists should be enough to get you started quite nicely in the game with some high-quality players. Of course, if you manage to find a bunch of amazing youngsters and rising talents, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing their names in the comment section below!

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