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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Fire Support

Fallout 4 Wallpapper

Fire Support starts when you travel south past the Corvega Assembly Plant. Here’s what you have to do to quickly complete this mission.

Another long travel mission that requires reckoning, aim and essentially walking. I advice you not to adventure too much into the southeast part of this area, since there is a scavenger base with turrets, guard posts and tons of field mines.


1. Travel South

To trigger this mission, you need to head south until a frequency message appears in your screen. Run straight south from the Corvega Assembly Plant and you won’t have difficulties with this step.


Fallout 4 Mission 5 – Fire Support - Radio Frequency2. Listen to the Military Frequency AF95

Open your radio with TAB and select the new added frequency channel: Military Frequency AF95. Listen to the female voice asking for support and keep heading south.


Fallout 4 Mission 5 – Fire Support - Cambridge Police Station3. Head to the Cambridge Police Station

Finding the Cambridge Police Station can be a bit complicated since it’s located in the middle of a town infested with Feral Ghouls and scavengers. Be cautious in every corner and head to the station.


Fallout 4 Mission 5 – Fire Support - Talk to Danse4. Kill the Feral Ghouls

Once you reach your destination, a swarm of Feral Ghouls will run through the front gate. Help the survivors there fight the wave and wait until there’s no enemies left.


5. Talk to Paladin Danse

Lastly, talk to the man in charge of the station named Paladin Danse to complete the mission and receive your reward. This character is a potential companion, so think twice about your choices and answers.


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