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Fallout 4: How to Increase Your Inventory Space

If you are like me when you’re playing Fallout 4, you’re a bit of a hoarder. You gather everything you can in the game and keep it because… well… you might need it sometime. The truth is that it rarely happens, and so I end up carrying a gazillion weapons and even more food, while my companion becomes a mule packed of junk and armor. Even without this particularly bad habit, you’d still have a tough time in the game because the inventory space never seems to be enough. In this article, I will share with you how to increase your inventory space in Fallout 4 even though the increase is not the real thing that will happen.

Because increasing your inventory space is not always worth it. You can increase the carry capacity in Fallout 4 in multiple ways:

  • increase your Strength (or start with as much as possible) to automatically and permanently increase inventory space
  • get the Strong Back perk if you have 6 Strength to get 50 extra carry capacity
  • play without companions and get the Lone Wanderer perk which allows you to care an impressive extra 200 weight and even fast travel when overencumbered.

All these, however (maybe with the exception of the third one which might be good if you really want to play without companions) are pretty much useless. It makes little sense to invest in perks that don’t improve your performance in the wasteland, especially when a bit of extra time spent carrying things from one point to another, then getting back for a new load does the trick too. However, there are other ways to increase your inventory space that could prove useful:

  • armor modding: you can add pockets to specific parts of armor in order to increase your carry capacity in Fallout 4. It’s worth doing!
  • drugs: some drugs increase your strength temporarily, but it might be just enough to allow you to carry a ton of things and fast travel to a location where you sell them or drop them off
  • take advantage of your companion: they can carry quite a bit too, so make sure you always fill their inventory up with things you want to carry
  • always optimize inventory space: go to your settlements and store all the junk that you have or go sell them as often as possible. Scrap weapons and armor that you won’t be using (although it’s best to sell these as they give you quite some money) and cook meals to get the most from the Aid items that you are carrying. Usually, it’s the healing/booster items that take up so much of your inventory and you never get to use even half of them!

In the end, increasing inventory space in Fallout 4 is not as necessary as properly managing the inventory is. Learn to do that, clear an area and make a few trips back to it using fast travel in order to clear it dry and things will be a lot, lot better and you’ll see that you will never have problems with your carry capacity.

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