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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Obtaining Renamon Early

In this guide we’re going to cover how you can obtain Renamon very early in the game. There are two fast methods, both of which will require you to have access to the DigiLab.

If you started the game with Palmon:
This is by far the faster method as you’ll bypass two digivolutions. To get Renamon by starting the game with a Palmon, you need to have access to Digital Network II which is acquired during Chapter 2. You’ll need to fight until you encounter a Tanemon which is common spawn. Now you can head to the DigiLab to de-digivolve Palmon into Tanemon.

Now go fight some enemy digimon. I used the Digital Network II but Digital Network I is fine as well. You will need to level Tanemon up to level 7, head back to the DigiLab to digivolve your Tanemon. Renamon is the 3rd option when digivolving and while it appears as a shadow you can still select it.

Watch as your Tanemon digivolves into Renamon!

If you started the game without Palmon;
You’ll need to find Pabumon which is in the first dungeon of the game, Kowloon lv.1. You’ll need to keep encountering Pabumon in order to get it’s scan to %100 before you can convert it into a digimon. Again you will need access t othe DigiLab before you can do anything with the Pabumon scan.

Once you’ve gotten %100, convert the data to a digimon and then level it. Digivolve Pabumon to Tanemon and then level it to level 7. Much like the first method, you will need to get to level 7 and select the third option. Once again watch as Tanemon digivolves into Renamon!

Yep, that fast and that easy. Enjoy getting Renamon early in game!

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