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How to Change Your Face in Fallout 4, As Well As Your Haircut (and Where)

Even though you probably spent your first 6 hours in Fallout 4 creating your character’s face, you might end up, eventually, getting tired with your looks and you’d like to have a new face or at least a new haircut. Well, it’s all possible in Fallout 4 and I am here to share with you this guide on how to change your character’s face in the game, as well as the hair style after leaving Vault 111.

Diamond City is the place where you can do both: you can change your hair style easily at the Barber in the city – just as you enter, walk straight on the road and you will see him on the left, most likely with his mother nearby. There you have access to all the hair styles in the game and you can change them as often as possible.

When it comes to changing your character’s face in the game, it’s also Diamond City where you can do it. There is a plastic surgeon there – Doctor Crocker and you can find him in his room. Simply go to the noodle shop and as you are facing the robot who knows a single word, turn right. You will see the city doctor there (Doctor Sun). Go talk to him and he will tell you about the plastic surgeon, who is working near his cabinet where you can see a red door. Get inside and go down the stairs there and you will get to Doctor Crocker who can change your face any time you get tired with your old one!

And this would be it. It’s that simple to change your looks in Fallout 4. Now go there and spend a few more hours trying to make your character look just like yourself or whoever you want!

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