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Civilization: Beyond Earth – Best Cargo to Start With


The final choice that you have to make before starting a new Civilization: Beyond Earth game is what cargo will you bring with you to the new planet. Although the choice is not as important as getting the right sponsor, colonists and even choosing the Spacecraft are, it still is a bonus that might matter in the long run. So why not make sure that you choose the best cargo in Civilization: Beyond Earth? So we’re here to talk just about that!

Before deciding which is the best Civilization Beyond Earth cargo to start with, let’s see what choices to we have:

Hydroponics (Begin with 1 extra population in your City)
Laboratory (Begin with Pioneering tech)
Raw Materials (Begin with a Clinic)
Weapon Arsenal (Start with a Soldier Unit)
Machinery (Begin with a Worker Unit)

All these bonuses are in my opinion extremely balanced and making a choice is really difficult – so choosing the “best” cargo in the game is probably a matter of personal preference. I usually go with Weapon Arsenal because the extra soldier gives me an exploration boost, so I can get to those Resource Pods easily and get some extra bonuses. Plus, I always seem to land in the most alien-crowded area on the map and my Explorer dies pretty soon.

But it might seem just as good to start with the extra population in your Capital (since this means faster production of troops and units), as well as getting the free technology. However, I usually choose the Soldier for the reasons mentioned above and I can’t complain. Unless I end up face to face with an aggressive Worm.

What do you think though? Which is the best cargo to start with in Civilization: Beyond Earth?


  • Billy
    Posted November 21, 2014 at 2:47 am

    I like to start off with a worker unit so I can hit the ground running with my tile improvements (stacks well with retrograde thrusters of course), but a worker and an explorer are a pretty weak combo if your landed in a bad part of town. Fortunately, aliens don’t seem too aggressive right off

  • Luke
    Posted August 18, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    It’s all about the trade.

    I defiantly want the tech kicker.

    Once those independent bases start kicking up, you’re going to want to trade immediately- or get left behind.

    The production bonus is a gift that keeps on giving, and the most efficient path for maxing out a city/base always starts by front loading the industry buildings.

    The initial investment is steep, but the pay off last literally the rest of the game (especially as this is one of the few buildings you cannot buy).

    The synergy from social programs are obscene, especially with the kicker to all construction mimicking your headquarters (This was a massive element of Rome’s advantage in Civ V).

    The industry kick, the ability to trade ASAP, and the chance to build a colony for a critical start-of-game land grab, to me, provide more flexibility and more mid game punch than any other advantage.

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